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Building Better Automotive Systems with The Version Control

Radoslaw Kosiec - 4 January 2017 - 0 comments

The automotive industry depends increasingly on software. Software drives not only structural design but also model-based design associated with ongoing operation of the vehicles and the systems that make them run.

The version control platform developed by Perforce enables this industry to keep up with advancements in technology as well as the regulation and scrutiny That comes with it. Such stringent regulations demand the highest amount of traceability and auditability to ensure complete compliance with standards such as ISO 26262 and other regional variations.

Perforce Helix is the single source of truth for designs, simulations and software to ensure efficiency and compliance in the automotive industry.

Industry Ecosystem

The Automotive industry relies on a number of supporting tools – from physical manufacturing to supply chain management to design tools to version control. No single component is more or less important when the end goal is developing and delivering a new piece of automotive technology. To that end, Perforce Helix has established tight linkages with partners providing ALM/PLM, simulation and testing applications, 3D modeling and design tools, as well as a variety of other vendors delivering on such things as file transfer and traditional software requirements. Technology integrations include Polarion ALM, Parasoft DTP, Klocwork and CodeDynamics, as well as many others.


Perforce Helix easily scales to support tens of thousands of developers, designers, and testers working on software, hardware and firmware. It enables them to work concurrently with confidence, and to use their preferred tools and workflows without sacrificing project transparency, process management, or security. Perforce is proven to serve high-volume environments running thousands of builds and millions of integration tests so teams can ship better products faster.

Traceability and Auditability

Perforce Helix maintains an indelible history of all assets and versions. To meet rigorous version documentation required in the Automotive industry, Perforce captures all modifications to software, designs and other digital assets without compromising performance. Perforce’s ability to provide full audit trails, complete notification for change reviews, and clear policy enforcement triggers ensures accountability across the entire workflow.

Binary Asset Management

As automotive manufacturing and design rely heavily on CAD, CAE, and CAM as well as 3D modeling and simulation, the need for strong binary asset management has become a minimum for entry. With its industry-leading scalability, Perforce handles large files just as efficiently as text-based code assets.

Standards Support

In a closely regulated industry such as automotive design and manufacturing, oversight and scrutiny is paramount, as evidenced by such standards as ISO 26262. Companies in this industry must be able to trace back a defect not only to a version of a vehicle, but potentially down to the specific build and software of a single component. Having a single, shared repository for all source code assets enables efficient scanning for compliance with standards such as MISRA. As internal automotive operations get more complex with more fully automated vehicles, this need for standards compliance will become even more vital.

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