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Building Better Financial Systems with Perforce Helix

Radoslaw Kosiec - 4 January 2017 - 0 comments

In an industry measured by the narrowest of margins, complex and ever-changing algorithms are critical to establishing a competitive advantage. Perforce Helix is unique in its ability to address this industry’s heavy reliance on complex coordination of digital assets – from documents, spreadsheets and presentations to purpose-built software code to mathematical algorithms. Perforce Helix offers complete traceability over the life of a project and beyond. It enables strict regulatory compliance about PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and oversight from organizations such as FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

Case Studies

NYSE Euronext – Here’s how NYSE Euronext used Perforce to harmonize its software lifecycle management all the way from traditional development activities to transnational deployment and deprecation. – Read more

Global Investment Banking – Financial services leader migrates SCM system from ClearCase to Perforce for big gains. – Read more

Perforce Helix – Key Features

File-Level Security

Because of the heightened security concerns associated with the files in this industry, control over who sees and works on files and code must be very granular. Unlike the all-or-nothing approach provided by other version control options, Perforce supports file-level access control. This ensures that only the right people can access or alter sensitive digital assets. Additionally, Perforce’s unique Theft Detection capabilities let you know of internal theft and compromised accounts early enough that you can do something to stop it.

Traceability and Auditability

In finance, scrutiny over data access is closely watched by regional and worldwide organizations such as FINRA. Considering how deeply this industry relies on software, it’s critical to maintain an indelible history of who changed what and when. Perforce provides full audit trails, notification for change reviews, and clear policy enforcement triggers to ensure full accountability for any variety of vital assets.

Binary Asset Management

The stakes are high for banks and financial institutions, which often create proprietary code to better compete in an industry that seemingly changes by the second. However, this is also an industry that relies heavily on binary assets to serve the operational side of the business. With its industry leading scalability and file management capabilities, Perforce enable organizations to manage all their digital assets, regardless of type or size, in a single, secure location.

Wealth of Experience

With nearly two decades of experience in version control and collaboration solutions, Perforce has a long history of field-proven success. Perforce continues to refine and extend its platform, delivering new capabilities and support for new workflows – such as distributed version control, digital asset management, component-based development and more.

White Paper – High-Level Software Version Management Best Practices

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