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Extension for Jira Service Management

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Started using this for an internal service desk for frequent/repeatable/common tasks and found this easy to use and very helpful. Support was also very responsive for times when I needed a guiding hand. Highly recommend!
Connor Finch
This is a fantastic product. It truly helps our Jira experience for our agents and our clients! The support is wonderful! We’ve used this product for 3 years now.
Katherine Stevens

Extension for Jira Service Management

Key capabilities & use cases

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  • Is it possible to use Assets with Dynamic Forms feature in Extension?

    Yes, you can add the Assets custom field to the dynamic request forms. Remember that to use Assets in Jira Service Management you have to upgrade to the Premium Plan and establish your connection with the Assets API.

    Follow the steps below to add the Assets custom field to the dynamic request forms: 

    1. Click on the Project Settings > Customer form extension.
    2. Choose a request type from the Request types list.
    3. Go to the Dynamic Fields section.
    4. Click Add a new field and select Assets.
    5. The field is added to the selected request type. Now you can change the Display name of the field, add Field help or set Conditions and Validators.

    Can I delete the atlassian-addons-project-access user permissions?

    No, the app requires this technical user project and global settings to run smoothly. 

    Is there a size limit for attachments?

    Yes, there is a size limit for dynamically displayed attachment files which is 512MB. You won’t be able to add multiple files if their total size is larger than 512MB, or a single attachment exceeding this limit.

  • What does it mean that the layout of my bundle may be affected by changes made to shared fields in another bundle?

    We show a message above the layout in the Preview tab to let you know when you or another admin has changed shared sub-fields in different bundles. This message appears only if the modification could affect the layout of this bundle or another one. For instance, adding long help text may push fields in a different bundle to the side.

  • Who can edit bundles?

    Bundles can be edited only by Jira or site administrators and Project Administrators.

  • Can I search for issues with sub-fields?

    Yes, you can look for issues with specific sub-field values. You can also search for issues that include these values in selected bundles.

    Use Case

    There are two bundled fields: Address and Delivery Address.

    Both contain the City sub-field.

    There are 2 issues:

    • AD-1, containing the Address bundle
    • AD-2, containing the Delivery Address bundle

    In both bundles, the City sub-field is set to Wrocław.

    To find issues with Delivery Address containing City = Wrocław, type:

    ”Delivery Address.City” = Wrocław

    result: AD-2

    To find all issues where City is set to Wrocław, type:

    City = Wrocław

    result: AD-1, AD-2

  • What are the differences between dynamic forms set in the Extension app and Forms set in Jira?

    The configuration of Jira’s Forms and Dynamic Forms in Extension is similar. Most of all, they differ in options for Customer Portal users. Here’s a quick feature comparison:

    Forms functionality (in native Jira):

    • Allows editing of forms by agents
    • Permits agents to add forms to existing tickets
    • Enables exporting issues to .PDF or .XLSX files
    • Based on dynamic sections
    • Allows mapping one custom field to one field on a specific form

    Dynamic Forms functionality (in Extension for Jira Service Management):

    • Enables editing of forms by admins
    • Allows admins to build forms with dynamic fields and assign them to specific request types
    • Enables adding JQL customization
    • Based on dynamic fields for more complex use cases
    • Offers advanced validators and conditions settings
    • Allows adding translations of request forms
    • Guarantees responsive app support and constant app development

    Note: by using Extension for Jira Service Management you also get access to the Bundled Fields and Request Details View. They offer more options to support the daily work of your agents. 

  • Can I edit submitted forms with a customer form extension?

    Certainly. If your permission level allows, you can edit a selected field in-line by clicking on it.

  • Why there might be warnings near request types and fields in Dynamic Forms feature in Extension?

    Check for potential issues with field configuration. Ensure that the same field is not defined in both the Request Type and Dynamic Fields sections. The warning icon may also appear if copied fields are not added to the Create screen in Request Type.

    Note: If case of field configuration problems, a warning will appear on the Customer Portal during request creation. It will be visible only to Agents and Jira Administrators.

  • How to use automation rules with Dynamic Forms feature in Extension?

    Dynamic fields in Extension Cloud are not instantly filled when a user raises a request. There’s a delay between issue creation and the dynamic fields update. Once the issue is created, Extension Cloud receives a notification (webhook). Then, the app updates the issue with dynamic fields. This involves two asynchronous actions: the dynamic fields update and an automation rule. The order in which these actions are executed is random. This is why, there’s a possibility that the automation rule may be applied before Extension saves dynamic fields in the issue.

    To work around it, change the trigger of the automation rule from Issue created to Time in Status. Set the status to the initial one in the workflow that the corresponding issue enters. Then set the time to 1 minute. After this time (allowing for Extension to update the issue with dynamic fields), the automation rule will be properly executed.

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