Dynamic Forms for Jira

Create dynamic and intuitive forms in Jira. Capture only accurate and relevant data.

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Dynamic Forms for Jira
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Dynamic Forms for Jira

Reviews from Atlassian Marketplace

Very nice app that adds important features which fill the missing part of basic Jira. Thanks!
Kerstin Theissen
Our department has been using Dynamic Forms for Jira for many years and has it deployed on multiple instances of Jira (…). I really appreciate the tool, and more so the dedicated technical staff who are always eager, willing, and able to help. Top-notch service and support!
William Panasiuk

Dynamic Forms for Jira

Key capabilities & use cases

  • Simplify form filling

    Create custom forms to fit your requirements. Capture the info you want with forms that are clear and easy to navigate.

    Security and privacy
    This app follows the rules of the Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program. Built on Atlassian’s Forge platform, it stores data on the Jira side, ensuring security and reliability


  • Data validation and consistency

    Insert values from other fields or user input. Automate data entry and eliminate manual errors.

    • Define user or field-based variables for text fields
      Provide greater flexibility and control over data input. Use user input in additional dialogs or automatically pull values from other fields.
      Read more about variables in app’s documentation >>
    • Set fields as required or read-only
      Ensure complete and accurate data capture. Set fields Required or Read-only to enforce validation rules.
      Read more about actions in app’s documentation >>
    • Ensure accuracy of data entry
      Leverage Set value and Default value for fields as constant or variable. Define the format for entering accurate data.
      Read more in app’s documentation about Set Vaule and Default Value >>
  • Create reusable templates

    Streamline your issue creation process. Use reusable templates to create issues quickly and consistently.

    • Reduce errors and save time
      Configure necessary fields with the most common or required information, reducing the need for manual data entry. Use them as a template to save time.
      Read more about templates in app’s documentation >>
    • Simplify the issue creation process
      Automate repetitive tasks. Provide an intuitive experience for your team to create issues.

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  • What is an evaluation loop and how to avoid it?

    An evaluation loop arises when two rules share overlapping conditions, causing a disruption in the create process. To identify the fields causing this issue, administrators can inspect the browser console.
    ⚠️It’s important to note that this warning appears only when two fields are directly connected. However, if a loop involves three fields (A > B > C > A), no warning will be displayed. In such cases, the loop becomes visible only within the create issue window.

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