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Make quality client relationships thanks to multichannel customer service. Control incoming requests regularly and solve customer problems efficiently. Automate many communication activities, support ticketing, and keep your customers coming back.

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What can you gain with Freshworks help desk software?

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Use multichannel service

Reach your customer on any platform. Assign tickets effectively and solve problems quickly in one place. Collect data from multiple channels to effectively measure performance and customer satisfaction.

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Personalize your service

Create simple portals for your clients and their tailored profiles for your team. Automate support assignment and provide clients with personalized service.

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Respond in a flash

Collect client requests in one place. Automate working on requests and stay up to date with your client statuses. Easily build a chatbot that can assist customers around-the-clock.

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Benefit high consulting effectiveness

Build a fully operational call center with local customer numbers in a few hours. Monitor consultants’ work, draw conclusions from conversations and improve service processes.

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Collect data & increase performance

Gather customer data, monitor customer behavior, and react in a flash. Increase client satisfaction and value, learn patterns and forecast, and prevent risk.


What will you achieve with Freshdesk?

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Customer centricity

Thanks to skill-based consultant selection, your clients will get the best customer experience and support.

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Reduce response time

Set up chatbots and configure consultants’ work to quickly deal with common queries.

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Remote work support

Help your team work remotely with an app and smart work management panels.

Case studies

Clients use our solutions willingly 

We are glad, we can improve our clients’ work. Check what we have achieved so far!

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    Efficient processes and knowledge base covers thousands of rapidly developing travel agencies across Poland and Middle Europe. To serve customers efficiently we simplified internal processes and made sure to maintain an equally personalized level of supporting external customers – everything with the great help of Freshdesk. Our team’s work allows for creating a knowledge base, thus reducing repetitive e-mail inquiries blocking the agents’ inboxes. Moreover, it shortened the initial response time to 10-15 minutes. The system implementation and configuration, as well as the data transfer from the support and complaint center to Freshdesk, took less than 2 hours.

  • Case study image


    Task automation for urban assistants

    The AskHenry team needed a fusion of their inbox and support center. With the assistance of the Freshdesk, each message from the agents’ inboxes is automatically transferred into requests, thus limiting needed actions. Instant insight into the inquiry as well as Trello and Slack integrations, made internal and external communication fast and smooth. An intuitive interface improved task navigation and shortened lead time, resulting in a growing pleased customer base.

  • Case study image

    Narodowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (the National Guarantee Found)

    Higher efficiency with Freshdesk

    Narodowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (NFG) is an organization that values high efficiency, fluent process management, and smooth communication with clients. Freshdesk meets these requirements. With quick, fluent, and trouble-free CRM system implementation, NFG streamlines the workflow of units such as Development, Risk, Initiatives, Operations, and Sales. Problem-solving, process centralization and manual activity limitation, eliminated many problems that used to bother NFG. Freshdesk as a customer service system improves the customer experience as well as the company’s internal process management.

  • Case study image

    Bidfood Farutex

    Efficient support of the Polish catering industry

    Managing orders consisting of over 6,000 products every day is not an easy task. Without proper support, the situation can get a little messy. In such situations, the key to success is fast and smooth order processing from one place. With Freshdesk software, time of order fulfillment got decreased, and what is more, the communication mess between teams scattered all over Poland was finally dealt with. Task automation, non-standard task statuses, and pre-defined answer templates made CSAT results soar.

  • Case study image

    Militaria Łódź

    High efficiency of the online store consultants

    Militaria Łódź is an online shop where each military and army enthusiast will find something for themselves. The growing interest in such topics caused a struggle with declining efficiency in the customer service department. It was unacceptable for the team which has always put customer needs in first. Freshdesk came to the rescue, organizing correspondence with customers. Now each agent has an insight into customer orders. The requests are always properly categorized, thus saving the consultants’ time. Insight into the entire client correspondence also proved greatly supportive – consultants gain a comprehensive context of the situation. With Deviniti’s assistance, the system implementation went flawlessly, and training sessions assure effective use in the future.

  • Case study image


    Marketing automation and effective customer service

    As a European leader in marketing automation, SALESmanago covers thousands of clients, whose satisfaction is crucial for the company. Request handling, information flow between employees, and report generation are issues that the company wanted to improve. They achieved it thanks to Freshdesk. The Deviniti team looked after smooth and quick implementation and employee training sessions. Our specialists made sure that the team’s work wasn’t disrupted during the implementation while no data was omitted during the migration. The intuitive user panel assured the rest – the first days after the tool implementation proved that Freshdesk was an excellent choice. It supported the team’s efficiency both in terms of contact with the client and internal work.

  • Case study image

    Dahua Technology

    Comprehensive service of customers from around the world

    Dahua Technology assures a wide range of security systems related to video technology. The company has over 200 branches in China and more than 50 in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. Covering the service of customers from all around the globe was quite a challenge – language diversity and time zones hinder smooth communication. The unification of multi-channel communication and the automatic system of assigning consultants became the key to success. These changes were possible with the Freshdesk system, implemented with the help of the Deviniti team. The system improved communication with customers, and the internal flow of information. As a result, the team began to work much more effectively.

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How can we help you?

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Implementation and optimization

You will easily go through purchasing a license and implementing Freshworks tools with our help. In addition, we will support you in migrating data from existing instances. We will optimize the system to meet your business goals best.
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Use your Freshworks tools seamlessly. We will take care of system monitoring, administration, and maintenance thus allowing your customers to enjoy consistently good service.
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You and your team will learn to use Freshworks solutions’ full potential. We will guide you through all improved communication aspects, more efficient customer service, and work automation.


They value our work

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Thanks to Freshdesk, we can provide our clients with the highest service level. The automation offered by Freshdesk allows us to automatically and precisely assign requests to appropriate consultants, to reduce request time processing to a minimum.
Wojciech Ligman
Customer Service Manager at SFD S.A.
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We needed a multifunctional tool that could handle every step of the entire process, and Freshdesk perfectly met all of our requirements.
Jacek Sosnowski
Head of Helpdesk Department at chain
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The AskHenry team spends less than three hours deploying new consultants, and one of Freshdesk’s favorite features is the ability to add new consultants on demand. The team can adapt Freshdesk to their needs with no technical assistance.
Norbert Szmit
AskHenry Co-founder
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The first days of using the Freshdesk and Freshchat surprised us. First of all, each of the company’s employees has access to the full correspondence, which eliminated the problem of transferring information, and messages from clients to each other.
Marek Dziamarski
Owner of Militaria Łódź
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Freshdesk offered a lot of flexibility and helpdesk customization which supported us a lot.
Maciej Pietrzak
Technical Manager at Dahua Technology
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Our favorite Freshdesk feature is automation rules. They make it easier for us to automatically distribute requests to specific consultants and direct fake e-mails to spam. In addition, adding private notes in tickets significantly improves our work.
Tomasz Tomczyk
Head of Customer Success at SALESmanago

Increase your possibilities

Freshworks products

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    A must-have for your sales and marketing departments that allows for increasing the transaction dynamics. With this world-class data center, you can track open rates and click rates, analyze customer behavior, send personalized or mass emails. Easily identify potential customers and automate repetitive tasks.

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    Optimize your marketing channels and gain insight into potential customer activities. Identify the best leads and send them personalized messages. Introduce multi-channel marketing automation and implement campaigns that turn leads into customers.

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    Use the Freshservice tool to improve the quality of ITSM services. Automate manual steps, react faster with alerts, and increase overall efficiency. Boost employee productivity and business scalability with easy-to-implement solutions.

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