Robotic process automation for your customer service

ROC3 (Robotization of Company-Customer Communication) is high-tech Artificial Intelligence software supporting robotic process automation in customer service. Your customers and employees will appreciate swift and accurate analyses and responses generated thanks to natural language processing. The AI content generator can help you save hundreds hours every month. In the case of one of our customers, it was 750 working hours per month. Find out what results you can reach!

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What can you gain from robotic process automation with ROC3?

ROC3 allows you to maximize efficiency thanks to robotic process automation (RPA) in sectors like banks, insurance companies, medical clinics, telecommunications providers, law firms and debt collection agencies, sales departments, and even governmental institutions.

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Increased productivity

The automated document processing software eliminates human error and can save hundreds of working hours so that you can invest your employee’s time and skills in more demanding tasks.

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Higher quality

Accurate responses made by the AI content generator and received in a short time will increase customer satisfaction and communication quality in general.

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Employee support

Understanding customer intentions based on natural language processing allows for the execution of basic tasks by robots (RPA) and shows your employees the “emotional level” of messages in advance (sentiment analysis).

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Improved work organization

The robotic process automation software leads to doing manual tasks faster and gives you more time for decision-making, problem-solving, or creative tasks.

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SLA times shorter by 50%

Automated data analysis tools and data classification tools dealing with incoming messages as well as predefined responses (including unusual cases) can shorten SLA times up to 50%.

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Increasing capacity

ROC3 is a machine learning-based software, so it works better with every new message, and your employees also get more opportunities for professional development and honing their skills.


See how ROC3 can deliver robotic process automation

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Benefit from key data extraction tools

The data extraction tools will recognize documents and define their structure and style as well as additional information such as a bar code, signature number, personal data, keywords, products, or the party to the communication. You will review the document contents in split seconds by just skimming it.

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Increase speed with data classification tools

The data classification tools with deep learning features automatically classify wrongly assigned cases, identify customers’ intentions and emotions, and prioritize cases. You will get a ready-to-use task list without spending time on lengthy document analysis. ROC3 reaches very high accuracy level that increases with the tool’s use.

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Use the AI Writing Assistant

The AI writing assistant (AWA) applies natural language processing and historical data for AI-based content generation. Get a complete file that you can immediately send to your customer or modify if necessary – the AI-generated content has a high accuracy degree that even improves as the tool learns from your employees.

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Introduce robotic process automation

Take advantage of robotic process automation to reorganize your company. Teach your employees to cooperate with artificial intelligence tools. This will help you save on time, money, and your team’s energy; apply process automation to gain more control of your work instead.

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Create your own Business Intelligence

Use the power of data transformation tools inside ROC3 to create your own Business Intelligence. Collect the data into your own data warehouses and use the acquired knowledge to form practical procedures, facilitate the work of others and improve the onboarding of new employees.


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Our experts will implement ROC3 in your company and adjust it to your employees’ and customers’ needs.
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We will prepare your team for independent work with ROC3 so that your employees can fully benefit from the power of artificial intelligence tools.
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Experienced specialists will tend to the administration and maintenance of the system on your server.


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Crédit Agricole Bank Polska cooperated with Deviniti and its experts on new AI technologies to create a unique solution that is used in post-sales processes related to dealing with customers’ issues. This solution is unique because it’s meant for dealing with unusual and complex issues. It also offers new possibilities such as completion of processes in conjunction with RPA.
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Director of Customer Service Quality Development Department

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