Hyperautomation of customer communication

Apply automation to increase the quality of customer communication thanks to ROC3 (Robotization of Company-Customer Communication). Reply to messages faster, more efficiently and without errors. Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve business goals more efficiently. Develop your employees’ skills with streamlined processes and reach higher business value.

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What can you gain by automating customer service?

ROC3 will help you maximize efficiency by automating business processes in industries such as banks, insurance companies, medical facilities, telecommunications service providers, law firms and debt collection companies, sales departments, or even public offices and ministries.

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Increased efficiency

Hyperautomation in document processing will allow you to eliminate errors and save up to several hundred hours. As a result, you can allocate your employees’ time and skills to more meaningful tasks.

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Customer satisfaction

Clear, well-formulated, and quickly received replies will increase customer satisfaction with the cooperation with your company and higher communication quality.

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Employee support

Identifying customers’ intentions will ensure that simple orders are carried out by robots (RPA). Furthermore, it will show employees the emotional level of the message in advance (sentiment analysis).

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Better work organization

Robotization of business processes means less manual work. This frees up your employees’ time for tasks that require creativity and decision-making.

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SLAs reduced by 50%

Automated analysis and categorization of incoming letters and predefined replies (including non-standard cases) can shorten SLAs by up to 50%.

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Ever-growing skills

ROC3 works more efficiently with each new document thanks to machine learning (ML) while employees also have more time to develop their skills.


The results reached by ROC3 AI Writing Assistant (AWA)

Take advantage of artificial intelligence support
to achieve your business goals more efficiently.

hours of work saved by our customer monthly thanks to ROC3
– the percentage of accuracy achieved by automatic classification
– the percentage by which you can shorten the document processing time


The BEST IN RPA&AI award

ROC3 won the first prize in the competition for RPA and RPA & AI (Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence) solution providers, organized by Computerworld as part of the RPA & AI Tech Forum 2023 conference.
The competition jury took the following criteria into account:
– innovation of the solution;
– creating business value;
– availability of directly competitive solutions;
– completed implementations;
– customer recommendations;
– SLA conditions.


What can ROC3 do?

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Process and validate documents

ROC3 processes the text from documents sent to the organization by customers: via internal customer service portals, e-mails, or traditional mail. The system scans documents, converts them into editable text, organizes them, improves their quality, fills in missing characters, and validates the selected information, e.g., thanks to the connection with the National Court Register’s database.

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Detect and analyze information

ROC3 detects and extracts critical information in documents or provided during a phone call, such as personal data, organizations’ contact details, dates, critical numbers, the author’s emotional state and intentions, general sentiment, and product parameters. On this basis, it prepares business summaries while prioritizing and categorizing applications.

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Organize and generate communication

ROC3 can receive e-mails from one mailbox and analyze them. Then, it sends the ordered correspondence to the target mailbox. The system generates ready-made replies to messages based on past communication. It also answers questions asked using natural language by drawing data from indicated internal resources, e.g., a knowledge base.

Case study

Hyperautomation of communication

The reference ROC3 implementation at Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A. helped automate the entire customer service process and shorten communication times.

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    Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.

    Full support of e-mail communication with clients

    ROC3 aids the bank at every stage of processing customer messages. The solution allowed for shortening the SLA execution time by 50% and saving about 756 hours of manual work per month. ROC3 modules enable automatic classification and prioritization of documents. The system helps arrange the content of responses and carries out simple customer requests independently. Thanks to the system’s support, Credit Agricole Bank Polska employees can focus on building customer relationships.


They appreciate this tool

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Crédit Agricole Bank Polska, in cooperation with Deviniti and their experts in the field of new AI technology, has created a unique solution used in after-sales processes related to handling customer cases. The solution is unique because it addresses the implementation of non-standard and complex cases. It also brings new possibilities, such as implementing processes in cooperation with RPA.
Ewa Traczykowska
Director of Customer Service Quality Development Department


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