Atlassian (Jira) license management

Deviniti takes over the entire license management from day one. We’ll match licenses to your needs with our know-how and Atlassian partner discounts. The aim is to simplify your procurement and reduce costs with an effortless licensing process.

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Our Atlassian licensing expertise

million USD yearly volume of processed Atlassian licenses
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years of experience working with Atlassian

In-depth license usage guidelines

Licensing options to lower the costs and simplify the process.

New licenses

Our experts will support you with new purchases. You can expect to be advised on referring to the number of Service Desk users or agents. We will consider your plans to expand the use of the tool gradually.

With our help, you can also choose a subscription plan for Cloud licenses. The same applies to the selection of applications.

Atlassian license renewals

We will support you in renewing existing licenses. Cloud can be billed in a monthly or annual subscription. The Data Center is extended by default for a year.

Our expert will cover expiration dates and remind you of the upcoming renewals.

License upgrades

We will make the terms and upgrade process within the Cloud and Data Center instance transparent. Our expert will help you choose the right subscription, whether it’s a Standard to Premium or Enterprise.

The same goes for increasing your number of users – all according to your requirements.

License downgrades

We support you in the license downgrade if the current one exceeds your business needs. That includes the number of users and other elements raising your costs.

Co-terming – synchronized renewal dates

Deviniti team supports you in syncing renewal dates of different licenses. In effect, you have a specified payment date and one invoice to pay during the billing period.

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The Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner title:
certifies the quality provided by our solutions and licensing services
proves our 19 years of experience with Atlassian tools and serving 500+ satisfied customers annually
allows us to offer attractive license terms

Atlassian Partner discounts

Pricing and discounts for Atlassian tools.

Pricing for Cloud or Data Center instances

We provide pricing models based on your chosen hosting and resource usage. That includes storage requirements on Cloud or Data Center. The goal is to level up cost-effectiveness and keep the performance.

Lower prices from an Atlassian Partner

As a Platinum Atlassian Partner, we can provide exclusive discounts. They are impossible to get from the Atlassian directly.

Dual licensing during migrations

Atlassian allows for dual licensing during migration to save costs. It ensures operating on both old and new instances at the same time during the transition.

Matching instances to costs and needs

In a standard situation, we make a quote for your order and proceed with the purchase. If a valuation needs an adjustment, we help you optimize resources and settings to match your budget. Then, we plan for scalability based on actual usage patterns.

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License procurement aid

Effort-saving procure-to-pay options.

One Invoice per billing period

We combine all Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps into one invoice. This makes it easy to track finances and manage expenses. Especially in complex environments.

Payments in your currency (USD, GBP, PLN, EUR)

You can use your currency of choice to pay the Atlassian Partner. It makes budgeting and financial reporting more accurate.

Transfer from other tools to Atlassian

During implementation, we may move your data and processes to the Atlassian platform.

We analyze your setup and create a migration plan. Then, our experts guide you through the transition with minimal disruption.

Various payment methods

We offer you various ways to pay so you can match it up with your budgeting schedule. It includes pay by invoice, Net-14, Net-30, cards, and many more. Your financial planning becomes more accessible and organized.

Co-terming Assist

Our experts make sure all your licenses stay in sync. We check if they are compatible across different Atlassian tools. This way, renewal dates match up, keeping things running without interruption.

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Let us take over your licensing process

Let’s find out together how our team can solve your
licensing challenges within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Up-to-date notifications about licenses and deadlines

Timely information about changes in Atlassian products and payments.

Updates on pricing and payment method changes

You receive email notifications about any changes in pricing. The same goes for payment methods. It makes your financial management systems are always up-to-date.

License validity monitoring – renewal details 30 days ahead

You get notifications 30 days before renewal dates. It allows you to avoid any potential disruptions in tool access.

Updated offer based on user count

We will support you in recalibrating your licensing offers. It is based on factors such as the predicted number of users or service desk agents. This allows for precise adjustment to your organization’s goals. You can optimize your expenses and resource allocation.

Cost estimations

We analyze your current Atlassian tool costs. Our team evaluates your plans for tool expansion, reduction, or user number changes. Then we take into account any possible changes in the Atlassian product line. Based on that, we provide a quote with the most favorable offer.

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What our clients say

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Deviniti provides Atlassian licenses at competitive prices and ensures professional communication. Our client highly regarded their absolute focus on quality and speed in delivering expected results.
Krzysztof Bartosiewicz
Quality Manager at ERGO Technology & Services

Our Atlassian license management process

We take over the entire license and supplier management process from day one.
During it, we simplify the entire license and communicate with vendors on your behalf.

The first contact and kick-off meeting

Connect with our experts and share your expectations. We respond with confirmation. Then, we invite you for a meeting or email contact. You receive detailed instructions about the next steps. We will ask you to provide a list of all the tools and licenses you currently use.

Your requirements assessment

We conduct in-depth analysis based on your data. It usually takes 1 to 3 days. Insights and recommendations matching your case are prepared.

Cost estimation and recommendations

You receive a precise estimate document. It outlines the detailed breakdown of the final amount. You see the exact cost of products and applications you order. We also attach our recommendations for the optimal buying process.

License quote acceptance

A stage with your quote acceptance. Our team answers all your questions so you decide based on complete information. We establish formal cooperation.

Your licensing process realization

You get licenses and SENs for your Atlassian tools. New instances are set up (if required). You can use them right away.

Post-purchase support

We take over the contact with Atlassian and Marketplace app vendors on your behalf. Our experts update you on pricing changes and license expiration in advance.

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Your Atlassian licensing partner

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Schedule a consultation

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We will reply immediately with detailed information.

Tell us your expectations, and you no longer have to think about licensing hassles.

Contact our consultant

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Our consultant is at your disposal from 9 AM to 5 PM CET working days from Monday to Friday for any additional questions.


Have questions? We have the answers

  • What are the main differences between Server and Cloud licenses?

    Cloud licenses are subscriptions hosted in the Atlassian infrastructure, and Server licenses are hosted in the Client’s infrastructure.

    Therefore, the advantage of Cloud is the reduction of costs related to tool administration because Atlassian hosts, sets up, secures, and protects the Cloud environment for us. Additionally, the version upgrade for the Cloud license is also made by Atlassian.

    In addition, Cloud is available in annual (size thresholds) and monthly payments (payment per single user), as well as various plans depending on functional needs and capacity that affect a particular Jira license cost.

  • How do the individual Cloud plans differ?

    The individual Jira Cloud license plans differ from each other by:

    – the number of users available

    – capacity

    – support

    – and available functionalities

  • Can I extend (upgrade) my licenses?

    Yes, it is possible to increase the number of Atlassian licenses you have.

    However, remember that when expanding the master license, you also need to increase the size of the plugins to keep them functional.

    For Atlassian Server licenses, it is best to increase the number of users as close as possible to the end of the support period. The price is calculated proportionally for the time remaining until the end of the subscription.

  • Can I downgrade my licenses?

    Yes, it is possible to reduce the number of licenses you have.

  • Can I align the end of the support date for all licenses?

    For Server and Data Center licenses, this date alignment can be done as part of a transaction, for example, when renewing.

  • Do I have to buy a plugin for all users?

    According to Atlassian’s policy, plugins must be purchased at least in the same size as the main license to work (if you have several Jira users on one instance, the plugin must match the size of the largest one). So, it is necessary to buy a plugin for all users.

  • Can I pay for a single user?

    Per-user payment is only available for monthly Atlassian Cloud licenses. For Server, Data Center, and annual Cloud licenses, there are size thresholds set by Atlassian, and it is not possible to increase a given threshold by a single user. Atlassian license cost per user (including Jira) may be calculated considering the number of users and a chosen license plan.

  • What is Atlassian Access?

    An Atlassian Access subscription enables centralized security and governance across all your Atlassian cloud products. Gain peace of mind with enterprise-grade security controls, including:

    – SAML single sign-on (SSO)

    – User provisioning (SCIM)

    – Active Directory sync

    – Organization audit log

    – Organization insights

    – Enforced 2FA

  • In what size do I need to buy Atlassian Access?

    In Atlassian Access, a paid account is any domain-managed account that has access to Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management (agents only), or Trello. When a user has access (even for free) to any of these products, they are chargeable.