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Atlassian Licenses

Imagine a world where support doesn't end with purchasing a license... With Deviniti, this vision becomes a reality. Our experts will help you at every stage - from choosing an Atlassian license, through cost optimization, to implementation and employee training. We will guide you through the galaxy of the possibilities offered by Atlassian tools and show you how to fully use their potential. Tell us about your needs, engage our Atlassian consulting services, and we will choose the perfect tool for your business.


Let us take you on a journey through the galaxy of possibilities and learn about the wide range of Atlassian suite of products.

  • Entire workflow at a glance
  • Fully customizable charts, dashboards, workflow, and reports
  • Project templates, effective search engine (JQL)
  • Project and task management tool
  • SCRUM and Kanban boards, planning, monitoring project progress, better organization of work
  • Integrated with other Atlassian tools and can be extended with apps from Atlassian Marketplace
  • Simple and intuitive customer portal for IT service management
  • Real-time reporting, multi-channel ticket handling, automation and integration
  • Unlimited, free access to the portal and knowledge base for your clients
  • Basic knowledge base in your company
  • Ability to edit and manage content, access to an efficient and flexible search engine
  • Full control over content availability
  • Git or Mercurial repository built for professionals
  • Jira integration, scalability, code review
  • Web interface for managing repositories
  • Easy to use and intuitive CI/CD tool
  • Automatic compilation, tests, and releases in one workflow
  • Easily implement, view, manage, and submit your code
  • Modern incident management
  • Centralized alerts
  • Full control in the event of an incident

Hosting and migrations

Jira Cloud

Jira Cloud is a perfect solution for smaller projects. You don't have to worry about administration, hosting, or management - we'll take care of it for you. It's also a great choice if you want to start using your software right away, without a time-consuming implementation and a complicated setup process. Jira Cloud also offers a flexible subscription model - you can choose an annual or monthly subscription. We'll also take care of your Jira license renewal.

Jira Server

Jira Server is a solution with on-premise hosting. By choosing Jira Server, you gain the ability to add an unlimited number of users, a perpetual Jira license, and the possibility of customizing the software. This solution meets high-security requirements for data storage.

Jira Data Center

Jira Data Center is an on-premise hosting solution that can be available on your own hardware or through IaaS clients such as AWS or Azure. Jira Data Center is an ideal solution for teams working on very complex projects that require high-performance applications. Jira Data Center allows you to distribute the resources of an instance among several servers, which gives you greater stability and performance on a large scale.


Atlassian's tooling ecosystem is very extensive, and the license management process is tedious and challenging. To get full optimization and maximum benefit from using this software, it's worth finding out how to best select and integrate individual Atlassian licenses together.


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Deviniti is a certified Atlassian partner with Platinum and Enterprise status. We also hold the Platinum Marketplace Partner title, which distinguishes us from other partners. We provide comprehensive services in the field of license management, implementation, maintenance, and development of implemented solutions. Contact us and find out how to fully use the potential of Atlassian tools in your company.

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