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Custom Development

We spent 16 years building the architecture, infrastructure, and processes to prepare ourselves for any task which may come our way. We're ready to jump into the unknown - the more innovative the project, the better.

Join us, and together we'll build software to suit your needs.

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Application integration
Mobile applications
Application takeover
Application ecosystem delivery
Source code audit
Web applications

Our Arsenal

Experience - Orange

We have extensive experience in creating both backend and frontend, building and displaying complex APIs, integration with enterprise-class solutions, operation with Big Data, and designing complex architectures. Over a dozen years of experience allowed us to achieve the expert level in the implementation of applications.

Cycle - Orange
End-to-End Approach

Thanks to constant improvements, we built an efficient, repeatable, and reliable process of software development, from idea to implementation. We start from the customer needs, debating, designing and creating the plan. Than we build, test and develop. But you don't have to worry about maintenance, change and availability management, migration or service operations - we'll help you with that to.

Services - Orange

We successfully use Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery processes. We use a number of tools and technologies that automate the implementation process, support containerization and code quality analysis. We apply the “shift-left” principle, which involves programmers in the process of quality assurance. We focus on the repeatability of proven techniques and processes, and automation to the fullest extent.

Knowledge - Orange
Tech Savviness

No technology or project methodology is alien to us. We're fluent in waterfall, agile, scrum, SAFE, Prince2, ITIL. We're experienced in using relational databases and modern NoSQL solutions, search engines, and distributed databases. And frameworks such as Hibernate, Spring Data and Big Data technologies are our bread and butter. We choose the methodology, adjusting it to the business environment, requirements, restrictions, and publishing cycles.

Flexibility - Orange

We believe in Agile, but we are ready to work in accordance with the requirements of our clients. Our team is skilled in managing and coordinating working remotely, even from different time zones. We carefully choose the way we work to smoothly adapt to the needs of each project and each client. That's why we're able to perfectly connect with them, and use our tools and products to meet their expectations.

Handshake - Orange

We're team players and treat our customers as part of our team. We listen to them carefully and always strive for what's best for them. We don't say we know everything. That's why we’re constantly looking for new solutions and are always open to suggestions from our clients. Our communication with customers is built on honesty and transparency. We Build long-term relationships and emphasize collaboration.

How we work


We have spent 16 years developing and improving our approach to software development and the quality of our services.

The result: more than 6000 companies are using our products, and more than 600 clients implemented solutions we built for them. Whether small or large, we help companies at every stage of their digital transformation.

We're much more than just a group of programmers. We're explorers of the digital universe eager to guide you and help you with choosing the right solutions for your business. You don't need an exact plan, blueprint or half-created application. All you need is an idea, and together we'll discover innovative solutions to fit all your needs.

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