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Maximize the efficiency of your IT tools and services with our ITSM support! The amount of required IT services is exceeding your capacity? Want to discover all the benefits of your Atlassian ITSM tools, especially Jira Service Management? Get our ITSM support! Let Deviniti handle the most difficult situations while you enjoy increased efficiency, profits, and work satisfaction.

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Why companies struggle with handling IT without proper ITSM support

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Limited capacity

Your company might have outgrown the capabilities of your IT departments. If your IT experts are swamped with requests and lack time to provide innovation, you are suffering from an IT department overload problem.

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Missing skills

It’s difficult to have IT specialists who know every existing technology and tool. That’s why you might have to outsource certain activities or get consulting services to successfully navigate your work with rare solutions.

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Untouched opportunities

You have an ITSM solution that you are using for improving efficiency. But can you unleash its full potential? Perhaps you haven’t heard about features or expansions that would make a real difference to your business.

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Unclear path

Your company might have developed or changed to the point where your original ITSM strategy is no longer viable. You might have different business needs now, and failing to understand that usually means trouble.


Enhance your company’s ITSM capacity with our support

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    ITSM Support

    Our specialized knowledge of ITSM confirmed by Atlassian’s awards as well as numerous satisfied customers can help you organize your ITSM processes and solutions. Consequently, you can enjoy more efficient workflows and better use of company time and resources. We also can offer help with any kind of third-party integrations, CMDB implementations, instance improvements, and other useful procedures. Additionally, you may delegate some of these jobs to external IT specialists. In the meantime, your experts will work on your company’s progress.

    Thanks to our customized workshops, our team will generate an ITSM strategy that best suits your company. With such help, you will get the most optimal ITSM practices for your business needs. If you are lacking skills, we will teach your staff to become a Jira admin. You can also receive temporary positional support in case your actual admin is not ready at a given moment. We are also experienced in providing proof of concept based on your insight. Simply state your idea and our team will investigate how it can turn into your success.

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    Deviniti’s expertise

    Deviniti enhances services for you through ITIL4 expertise. Over 30% of our Atlassian Services team passed ITIL4 Foundation Certification. This lets us understand your needs and align implementations. For example, improving internal communication with new IT systems optimizes efficiency and delivers results. Moreover, 10% of our team holds ITIL4 Specialist Certification. Facing disruptions, they assess, implement solutions, and prevent recurrence.

    Our expertise aids demanding projects, like comprehensive digital transformations. Evaluating IT infrastructure, strategizing technology integration, and aligning with business goals ensure success. Confidently navigate IT services with Deviniti. Certified experts offer tailored assistance. Proactively addressing challenges maintains operational continuity and satisfaction. Trust Deviniti’s professionals for elevated business outcomes.

Clients confirming the quality of our work

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How will you benefit from our IT Managed Services?

Technical Support Services
Our professionals will troubleshoot issues, provide guidance, and maximize the value of Jira for your organization. Whether you’re new to Jira or an experienced user, our flexible support offering ensures a tailored solution to meet your needs. We’re your dedicated partners, providing software repair, administrative tasks, monitoring, consulting, development, and more. Benefit from guaranteed reaction/resolution times, monthly reports, and seamless communication channels. With certified Atlassian engineers, your Jira environment is in capable hands. Discover the possibilities – from becoming your global administrator to 2nd line support.
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Atlassian product implementation
These services go far beyond their name. They encompass expert solution implementation based on Atlassian best practices, tailored training for your technical staff, and more. We not only configure solutions to align precisely with your needs but also provide the guidance and training required for seamless operation. You will get a dedicated structure aligned with your internal processes, business requirements, and possible use-case scenarios. Your success is our priority, and our approach ensures your team’s proficiency and your solutions’ optimal performance.
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Staff and skill augmentation
Whether you face disruptions in teams in charge of Atlassian products or skill gaps to be bridged, our team of experts can lend a helping hand. For teams overwhelmed with tasks, we step in on the frontline, engaging directly with end users, addressing access requests, troubleshooting permission issues, workflow modifications, field adjustments, and much more. In situations where admin teams seek to shift their focus away from Atlassian tasks, we become the third line of support, tackling complex issues. From comparative analyses and plugin recommendations (we also have our own ITSM plugins!) to intricate problem-solving, installations, upgrades, process implementations, and environment consolidation – all of this is our area of expertise. Our certified specialists are your first point of contact, ensuring seamless support and effective solutions.
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ITSM strategy design
In need of building or revising your ITSM strategy? We understand that every company’s journey is unique, so our approach is tailored to your specific needs. From assessing your current practices to designing a roadmap for change, we work alongside you to align your ITSM strategy with your business objectives. Our expert team will help you optimize processes, select the right tools, and seamlessly implement changes while ensuring minimal disruption. With a focus on continuous improvement, training, and ongoing support, we empower your team to embrace the new approach with confidence. We can become a trusted partner in creating an efficient ITSM strategy that drives operational excellence and maximizes your IT service impact.
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How can you benefit from our ITSM support?

Our ITSM support comprises a number of activities that will help you navigate among all your IT-related processes.

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CMDB support

We will help you set up your own Configuration Management Database. With our guidance, you can seamlessly connect each product or client to a dedicated ticket within the database, ensuring efficient tracking and management of critical information. Furthermore, we will collaborate with you to design and implement automation rules, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity by reducing manual tasks and accelerating processes.

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Atlassian product implementation

Our team will work closely with you to tailor the Customer Portal to your specific needs and requirements, enhancing your customer interaction and service delivery. Additionally, we offer valuable insights and recommendations regarding the selection of the most suitable apps to further enhance your Customer Portal’s capabilities. These apps are carefully chosen to support faster issue resolution and are designed to help you minimize overall operational costs.

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Staff and skill augmentation

We’ll help you assess your current team structures, identifying opportunities for optimization and enhancing collaboration among team members. In addition, we will guide you in identifying and implementing feasible tools and technologies that can be integrated into your incident management processes to facilitate the even distribution of workload among your teams and prompt responses. Our support also includes hands-on training and guidance on configuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs). You will learn how to define and set up SLAs and OLAs, enabling you to prioritize and resolve issues efficiently based on their criticality and impact on your organization.

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Work organization

Our experts will help you understand the intricacies of ITSM workflows and how they can be aligned with your unique needs. You will gain invaluable insights into diagnosing, classifying, and resolving issues effectively, all while adhering to ITSM principles. This involves streamlining your processes to ensure that incidents are managed with precision, from initial identification to final resolution. Moreover, we will assist you in implementing strategies that enhance your overall productivity levels. By optimizing your work organization in as per ITSM best practices, you’ll be better equipped to meet your business objectives efficiently and consistently.

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Why let Deviniti help you?

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Work with us!

We’re your dedicated ITSM partner in moving your business to reach new galaxies. Our unwavering commitment to your success drives everything we do. Having so many experts on board, we’re destined to provide unparalleled support. We don’t just resolve incidents – we understand your unique challenges and offer tailored solutions. Our Problem Management expertise dives deep, ensuring long-term stability. We approach your cases with flexibility, spanning from frontline assistance to comprehensive third-line support. With swift issue resolution and proactive problem-solving, we transform your challenges into triumphs.

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Jira Service Management implementation was s a big change, and it was hard to adapt to. We were used to previous solutions, however uncomfortable had they been. But the migration proved right shortly after, and now we’re sure it leads us in the right direction. We see this change as a big plus – thank you, Deviniti, for your help!
Joanna Czochara
Computer Support Supervisor

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