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Build or transform your business with our years of experience in mobile app development. Trust our experts and let us build your powerful app.

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Consulting before app implementation

We analyze your business situation and assess the mobile app profit which can rationally be generated. We conduct market research, offer solutions, and discuss them with you.

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Mobile app architecture

After establishing an action plan, we create the mobile app architecture allowing for designing an app that is flexible, maintainable, and bug-free.

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Mobile app design

We base our app design on global UX trends leading, to maximum product functionality and utility.

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Mobile app development

We offer the latest development technologies, including cross-platform mobile app development to quickly make your app work on all operating systems.

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Taking over the app

You started working on an app, but you would like to develop it with us? No problem – we will take over the app in a safe way, and deal with its development and modernization.

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Support and maintenance

After implementing the app, we remain at your disposal. We update the app and provide additional tech support and infrastructure maintenance.

Our mobile app technology stack

Case studies

We make mobile apps valued by customers

We are proud of our completed projects – read what the finished mobile apps can do.

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    CA24 Mobile – full of benefits

    A mobile banking app creating completely new standards

    We have successfully cooperated with Credit Agricole Bank Polska in the creation of the first Polish Flutter app and one of the very few global Flutter apps that offers banking services to retail clients. We have combined many talents specializing in development, architecture, analysis, and business to create a solution that takes UX and personalization to the next level. Our customer truly values our ability to meet KPIs such as Time of Delivery and our efficient Agile approach to work. Businesses already view this project as a benchmark of how such Flutter apps should be created. Although the communication channels via the app are completely new to the end users, the bank served over 80 thousand customer interactions with a progressively growing user base in just 6 months. In late November 2022, the number of app users reached 500 thousand.

  • Case study image

    Verdeat App

    A mobile application that enables automated home garden management

    The customer has received a stable, high-quality application written in Flutter so that further development of the application or introduction of modifications will be quick and efficient. Integration with Firebase Authentication significantly increases the level of positive user experience, and the use of colors and styles consistent with the e-commerce store makes the application more intuitive.

  • Case study image


    A mobile application for users of Carefleet vehicles

    The application has been created with the latest UX trends in mind and allows you to quickly find the necessary information or contact the Driver Service Center. Thanks to that, customer service is more reliable, and the time of waiting for a response is reduced as much as possible, even in case of a large number of inquiries. Carefleet GO has become an additional communication channel between the driver and lessor, leading to significantly improved communication and internal processes of car fleet operation.

  • Case study image

    TIS Mobile Payments App

    A mobile application for corporate cash flow management

    TIS was in need of an application that would support its payment and cash management system. After carefully considering our fintech experience, the company decided to work with us. In return, we delivered a functional mobile application that is easy-to-use and provides a detailed view of the situation. What’s more, the app adheres to the most strict security standards, including SWIFT. Thanks to our combined efforts, TIS’s clients received the solution they craved for.

  • Case study image

    Myfoodie App

    A mobile and web application used for ordering meals by employees

    Myfoodie is an app that offers employees the opportunity to order food with subsidies from the employer. This is not only a great benefit that makes it easier to meet the daily nutritional needs during working hours and ensures the well-being of employees. It is also a significant competitive advantage for the employer. Thanks to Myfoodie App, employees can quickly and conveniently order their favorite dishes without leaving the office/home.

    The Myfoodie application works both on mobile devices and in a web browser. It uses a number of reliable technologies such as React.js, Java and Flutter. Thus, users can use it seamlessly, on different devices and anywhere.

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Let’s join forces and make a mobile app that

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Follows modern mobile app trends

Apps don’t work without people. Use our knowledge of the latest technological trends.

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Brings rational results

Increase engagement and boost retention levels with well-thought mobile app architecture and data-driven approach.

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Is pleasant to use

Build a user-centric, intuitive app – an easy-to-use product.

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Meets your business goals

Strengthen your company image, acquire new customers, and fulfill business plans step by step.


That’s how we build mobile apps

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    Step 1



    We gather your requirements, expectations, and ideas. We confront them with our experience and create an action plan.

    We gather your requirements, expectations, and ideas. We confront them with our experience and create an action plan.

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    Step 2



    Deviniti experts rush to design your app interface and functionality.

    Deviniti experts rush to design your app interface and functionality.

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    Step 3



    We take care of the code quality and clarity. We create top-notch apps which are easy and pleasant to use.

    We take care of the code quality and clarity. We create top-notch apps which are easy and pleasant to use.

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    Step 4



    Even the best project needs testing. We put our hearts and efforts into making your product work correctly.

    Even the best project needs testing. We put our hearts and efforts into making your product work correctly.

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    Step 5



    The app is up and running, but we aren’t leaving it unsupported. We update your app to make it compliant with current standards.

    The app is up and running, but we aren’t leaving it unsupported. We update your app to make it compliant with current standards.


They appreciate our mobile apps

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“I really liked working with Deviniti. They were a team of professionals with great knowledge and skills.”
Małgorzata Smigielska
Marketing Manager, Verdeat Home Garden
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“We can say that Deviniti is made up of a team of 250 people who are passionate experts.”
Łukasz Bartoszewicz
Board Member
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The team at Deviniti provided expert technical support and guidance throughout the entirety of our application development project, and we were very pleased with the final results.
Christian Kränzle
Head of Product Management
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“I appreciate most of all the adjustment to the requirements and operational efficiency.”
Agnieszka Pytel
Products & Processes Specialist, Carefleet
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“Deviniti is a highly skilled team that focuses on providing us the best solutions.”
Piotr Dronszczyk

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Have questions? We have the answers

  • What is a mobile app and how is it different from other applications?

    A mobile app is a type of application meant exclusively for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). People often divide these applications into Android apps and iOS apps (depending on their target operating system). A mobile app can be an extension of a stationary system or work independently.

    Mobile apps are moving away from integrated software systems. Instead, each solution provides isolated and limited functionalities. This can be, for example, a game, a calendar, or a mobile banking application. Finally, a mobile app differs from a website mostly regarding access: unlike a website, an application can be accessed online as well as offline from any place.

  • What is the difference between an Android app and an iOS app?

    An Android app is a type of mobile app meant for the Android operating system supported by Google. In comparison, an iOS app is a kind of app designed for the iOS operating system supported by Apple. These two kinds are fundamentally different in terms of their coding and design.

    Android apps are usually written in programming languages such as Java, Python, or Kotlin. These mobile apps are more versatile as they can function on more device brands. However, Android development usually takes more time in comparison to iOS development (when we are discussing similar app sizes).

    iOS apps utilize programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, or C#. These mobile apps work only on Apple devices. They generally require less development time and therefore are cheaper to build and maintain than Android apps. What is more, in some cases, they might have a specific target audience that might be the best fit for some companies.

  • How to decide if my business needs a mobile app?

    Nowadays mobile devices account for up to 60% of all internet usage. That’s a pretty telling figure. Therefore, many businesses decide to develop their app to minimize the risk of becoming outdated and irrelevant very shortly. For most companies, creating a mobile app is the most obvious next step in their multichannel strategies.

    When considering the purchase of a mobile app for your business, you must determine what you want to achieve by creating the said solution. Your ideas might include generating income, increasing productivity, improving brand awareness, or reducing costs. If these are your main business objectives, having an app could be your best option.

  • How to test an app idea to make sure it’s valid?

    If you are not sure whether your company would benefit from your mobile app idea, meet us for a free virtual consultation first. Afterward, we usually go through a discovery process. It’s a great way to avoid costly mistakes. It gets everyone aligned before you decide if your app project should go ahead.

    If the analysis proves the idea to be valid, you can always perform some field tests on a small scale. They will ultimately confirm the result and give you ideas for additional functionalities. One such testing means is creating a Minimum Viable Product.

  • What is a Minimum Viable Product?

    A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a minimum version of your mobile application that can be released to the market to test the demand for a given service or test the audience’s interest. An MVP is characterized by a short mobile development time and the inclusion of only basic functionalities.

    An MVP solves the problem of how to bring an app idea to life without risking a large budget. When it turns out to be a success, we will get together to plan the expansion of your mobile app with additional functionalities or extensive design. These solutions are particularly helpful when you are planning to release complex and demanding custom mobile apps in the future.

  • What is a custom mobile app?

    A custom mobile app (also known as a bespoke app or a tailor-made app) is a kind of application that has been created to suit the specific needs of your company or your target audience. Custom mobile apps are likely to have higher initial costs, but there are no ongoing license fees compared to off-the-shelf apps.

    What is more, bespoke apps are better at fulfilling their business goal, so they can quickly earn their keep. Not to mention the fact that they provide more independence – they are more adaptable and scalable while remaining less reliant on external resources.

  • How to make money from mobile apps?

    Since this is the goal of you having a mobile app, there are two major strategy types of making money thanks to mobile apps:

    Indirect strategies include your company branding, referral marketing, and in-app advertising. These strategies won’t bring money to your pocket, but they will bring customers closer to your company. Then you are more likely to sell your products or services.

    Direct strategies include subscriptions, in-app sales, upselling, and exclusive coupons. These methods will allow you to sell more products or services due to your customers using the mobile app.

  • How long does it take to build a mobile app?

    The time to create a mobile application depends on factors such as the extent of the project and the expected number of functionalities. On average, the mobile development of a small to medium-sized application, starting from your idea, through collecting and confirming the requirements for implementation and deployment, takes about 3-4 months.

  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

    The mobile development cost results from several factors that might affect the entire project. Depending on the project complexity, our offer may consist of:

    ● analysis including detailed documentation, workshops, consulting,

    ● development including integration with other systems, types of tests performed, assistance during the testing stage,

    ● project management,

    ● tests conducted by testers,

    ● implementation including implementation support,

    ● post-implementation documentation: an architecture diagram and maintenance documentation,

    ● infrastructure including the preparation of environments and databases, server costs,

    ● application maintenance,

    ● training and licensing.

    After confirming the requirement details, we prepare the mobile app cost estimation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a quotation for your project.

  • How to decide between an Android app and an iOS app?

    These two types of apps usually require separate mobile development processes. Luckily for you, Deviniti is experienced with Android development as well as iOS development. Your choice should be based on your target audience and its main operating system. Nevertheless, there is a third solution that our mobile app developers advocate – cross-platform app development with the use of Flutter.

  • What is cross-platform app development?

    Cross-platform app development means creating a mobile application that can function properly on several operating systems. This approach is different from native app development. Native applications are designed specifically for a mobile operating system such as iOS or Android. Cross-platform apps work on both of these operating systems. One example of technology meant for cross-platform app development is Flutter.

  • What is Flutter?

    Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) created by Google. It’s a collection of tools that help develop applications. This includes tools used to compile codes into native machine code (code for iOS and Android). That is why Flutter is ideal for creating cross-platform apps. This SDK uses a dedicated programming language called Dart.

    Flutter is a young technology, but numerous business giants have already opted for Flutter development. If you would like to explore the possibilities of Flutter apps, please contact our experts. You can also view our article on this topic.

  • How is Flutter development better than others?

    Flutter development allows you to get a mobile app that works simultaneously on Android as well as iOS devices. Modern Flutter apps can provide features successfully competing with native Android or iOS apps. Solutions made with Flutter development have such performance levels that they reached the banking sector (the most demanding industry for apps).

    Flutter apps are quite quick and easy to make. They can be cheaper compared to apps made using iOS or Android development. This is because Flutter itself is a framework – a collection of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc.) that you can personalize for your own needs Flutter apps also offer additional benefits. Ask our consultant to discover more advantages of Flutter development. Alternatively, get more information from our article.

  • Why should I consider Flutter development?

    Flutter development is the perfect solution when you want to create an MVP and test your mobile app idea on a wide audience. If you have never had an app before or want to try out a highly uncertain mobile app idea, a Flutter app is your best shot. The same applies when you are operating on a limited budget, or your app doesn’t need to rely on specific Android or iOS features.

  • What do I need to deliver to get the work on my mobile app started?

    To create a mobile app for business that meets its goals, all you need is a good idea and high-level business requirements. We will support you through the entire mobile development process, helping you verify business legitimacy, recommending solution architectures, clarifying business requirements, and then translating them into an IT language. We adjust all this to your capabilities and expectations.

  • What cooperation models do you offer?

    We understand that you might have varied mobile application development needs. That’s why we offer different cooperation models to suit them all:

    The time and material model – it’s a model in which time, scope, and budget are estimated but still flexible and reviewed regularly. You pay within set intervals (e.g., monthly) for the actual time and materials (e.g., access to specific tools) the team uses during development. You can see the results of all development stages and monitor the team’s work. This model is perfect for Agile methodologies and suits companies that want to start their projects early.

    The fixed-price model – it’s a model based on an estimate of the required work. The established project roadmap contains set deadlines and milestones functioning as a payment schedule. The specifications, budget, and delivery dates are fixed. This model offers finalized pricing – you pay for the exact work that you set out to do. It also provides little to no management – you set the deadlines, and we deliver the project on time and within budget.

    The team leasing model – it’s a model in which you pay (usually monthly) for the time the team members spend working for you. The pricing consists of the monthly salary of the hired employees and administrative costs. The benefit of this approach is that you are in control and can manage the team, e.g., determine the workload. What is more, you don’t have to recruit them and incur costs related to holidays, workplace, administration, etc.

  • How will we communicate during the project?

    We work very closely with clients during project implementation. Together, we agree on the meeting frequency and communication channels to respect each other’s time. We provide information on the current progress of work, potential issues, and risks on an ongoing basis.

    Some of the communication channels we suggest are online meetings, Slack meetings, status updates, and report deliveries. We regularly present the status of our work in project reports subject to strict quality standards.

  • How will you create my mobile app?

    We start the process of business mobile application development with a thorough analysis. We want to learn all about you, your company, and its audience, and understand your expectations and needs. We also determine the budget and expected time of designing the mobile application.

    Then, our UX and UI designers move on to creating your solution’s usability which is subsequently dressed up in code by our mobile app developers. We also include the key phase of testing to identify possible shortcomings before the application is introduced to the world. We also deal with the maintenance of the mobile app including its updates and adaptation to trends and expectations.

  • How can I know that the mobile development is going well?

    The important part is the action plan that we mutually agree upon – we want to ensure transparency of work. That is why we stay in contact with you every step of the way. We also let you see what we are producing whenever you need to. Thanks to this approach, you can always verify the mobile app development process so that it goes as planned.

  • Can you take over my mobile app started by a third party?

    We can take over a mobile app previously created by another team and finish it following your specification and expectations. We have experience and an established process for taking over projects and third-party products that haven’t been completed or implemented. We audit codes, solutions, and architecture. We also assess security and performance issues. Then we issue recommendations and start the talks about the next steps of the project.

  • How should I pay for the mobile app?

    The payment method depends on the cooperation model you choose. If you go for a team leasing model or a time and material model, you pay by the hour. An invoice summarizing the accrued hours is delivered after each month.

    In the fixed-price model, you most frequently pay a part of a fixed price at the end of each mobile development stage. We discuss what result you should get after each stage. Payments are issued after the acceptance of specific stages. This split invoice system is beneficial for you as well. You don’t need an accumulated mobile app budget, so your finances won’t get strained.

  • What mobile apps do you specialize in?

    The scope of our mobile development experience is broad. We specialize in mobile apps, starting from small start-ups, through medium-sized applications supporting businesses, ending with large financial institutions such as banks, auditing companies, and insurance companies. We create mobile applications for companies all over the world. Our portfolio contains numerous examples of Flutter development, bespoke software, and more.

  • Will you use a specific approach for my project?

    The execution of mobile application development projects almost always follows a specific methodology. We believe in Agile methods, but we are ready to work according to your needs. We carefully select the methodology, adapting it to the business environment, requirements, limitations, and publishing cycles. Then we define the roles within the project team. The experience gained during many IT projects has taught us that only a fully transparent process leads to success. For this reason, we greatly value close cooperation with the operational departments on your side.

    Our mobile app developers are certified in Scrum, PMBOK, Prince2, and ITIL methodologies. We are constantly improving our skills in the field of Agile mobile development methodologies. We don’t just follow mobile application development trends but also take an active part in defining new standards/tools and optimizing the software development process. Deviniti’s mobile app developers co-create communities of IT practitioners.

  • What mobile development technologies will you use for my project?

    The choice of technology will depend on the result you want to achieve as well as your current capabilities (budget, time). We will make sure that the technology applied in your mobile application development project ticks all the boxes here.

    We specialize in cross-platform development with tools such as Flutter that allow for quick delivery of solutions onto two platforms – iOS and Android. Apart from Flutter development, we can offer separate Android development services as well as iOS development services. It is because we also have mobile app developers specializing in Swift and Kotlin on board.

  • Who will work on building my mobile app?

    We have a qualified team of IT specialists ready to execute even the most complex mobile application development projects. These projects involve a team of over 20 people. They consist of business and system analysts, mobile app developers experienced in Dart, Swift, Kotlin, and other programming languages, and UI/UX designers. Our designers demonstrate exceptional analytical thinking skills as well as a passion for details in the design of mobile app interfaces.

    Finally, we make sure that our solutions are of the highest quality. That is why the final product is thoroughly verified by our automatic and manual testers before we hand it over to you.

  • Will my app be covered by a warranty?

    Yes, the entire mobile application development process is covered by a one-year warranty included in the price. The agreement we sign before starting cooperation describes the warranty coverage. We never leave our clients on their own. If you have additional questions while using the mobile app, you can always contact us. We will help you!

  • How do you keep my data confidential?

    Your data is always safe with us. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at your request. We prioritize the security of your data, so we include all the elements essential to both our parties in the agreement.

  • How can I protect my mobile app against the competition?

    We keep all the information regarding your mobile app secure. Nevertheless, when you release your app to the market, we can’t guarantee that your competition won’t copy it to some extent. You might learn more about how to copyright an app idea, but there will always be loopholes that your competitors can exploit.

    The competition might try to reverse engineer your mobile app and create a copy. Nevertheless, we employ special safety measures such as certificates or code obfuscation that make it nearly impossible to replicate your mobile app.

    The good news is that we are still here to help you. If you have decided on a modern solution such as a bespoke mobile app created by Deviniti using Flutter development, we can advance your application even further. We can always introduce new features or designs, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition.

  • Is it safe to outsource mobile development services outside my country?

    We have created mobile apps for many companies around the world. Our mobile app developers can speak fluent English. What is more, we have established efficient communication methods that allow for efficient execution of the mobile development process. As you will see in the contract as well as during project execution, we have secured the entire process to make it safe for you.

  • Can we continue to develop my mobile app once it has been released?

    Yes, we set the model for takeover, further development, and maintenance of the mobile app at the beginning of the project implementation. One of the cooperation models is the takeover of product (code) ownership by our clients. After the project is completed, you can modify and develop the solution on your own or with the help of third-party mobile app developers.

  • Does Deviniti provide software maintenance after completing the project?

    Yes, we have various service-level agreement (SLA) models depending on your needs: from support on weekdays during working hours to the 24/7 model with a very short response time for enterprise-class mobile apps, through working with corporations and banks. We have many years of experience in providing such support.

    At the beginning of the project, we will meet with you to discuss the matter of maintaining the mobile app after its implementation. We will show you the benefits of our support. Furthermore, we will transparently inform you about the total cost. It includes not only the implementation of the project itself and mobile development but also the full product cost.

  • Do you offer UI/UX services for mobile apps?

    Yes, we offer UX services as part of our mobile application development process. We have an experienced team of UX/UI designers who can create user interfaces involving the aspects of ergonomics, usability, and interaction.

  • Can you help me with marketing my mobile app?

    Although we mostly deal with mobile development, we can help you with some aspects of mobile app marketing. Firstly, we will provide you with detailed explanations that will highlight the benefits of your app. Thanks to this, you will get a better way of selling the app to your audience.

    Secondly, we will support you with placing your mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With our help, your target audience will be provided with immediate access to your mobile apps.