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What is Flutter?

Flutter – Google’s software development kit (SDK), a set of tools allowing for quick and efficient application development. It is a cross-platform solution that enables compiling your code into native machine code (for Android and iOS). Flutter also constitutes a framework (a UI library based on widgets) – a set of reusable UI elements that helps you build your app from ready-made but customizable elements.

Flutter mobile development has quickly gained popularity. This results from the immediate availability of Flutter mobile apps on both Android and iOS operating systems as well as their high quality. If you are looking for an efficient Flutter app development company, you have come to the right place.


Selected Flutter development examples

View the Flutter mobile apps we made for other companies. Find out how Flutter app development in Poland is helping businesses from various countries and sectors grow.

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    CA24 Mobile

    Banking and Finance

    Credit Agricole wanted to empower its clients by giving them more ways to interact with the bank. The company also wanted these interactions to be quick and easy. We designed a Flutter mobile app that provides users with fast navigation, easy access to features and extended interaction options (fewer visits to banks!), including customized offers. The app quickly gained recognition, and its success is measurable: the bank managed 80 thousand user interactions within the app with a progressively growing userbase. What is more, the number of app users as of late November reached half a million!

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    Verdeat App

    Home Gardening

    Verdeat Home Garden wanted a new app for its users so that they could manage their hydroponic gardens. A Flutter mobile app gives the users complete control over their home gardens. The solution has finally become accessible to Apple device users. The flexibility of the framework helped our Flutter developers perfect the entire Verdeat system.

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    Payment Management

    Flutter never stops to prove that it can work well even in terms of apps for highly regulated sectors. TIS – a payment and cash management service provider – asked us to build a mobile solution supporting their web-based system. We used Flutter to produce a beautiful, practical and exceptionally safe application. TIS Mobile Payments App offers the same level of security as banking apps while ensuring intuitive navigation and easy control over payments.

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    Food Delivery

    MyFoodie aimed at providing additional benefits to employees of various companies. They opted for a Flutter app that allows employees to order meals that can be easily co-financed by the employer. MyFoodie App offers flexible ordering and payment options, including a long-term ordering schedule, transaction history, and delivery status notifications.

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    Certification Audits

    DEKRA was looking for a handy digital toolset to equip their auditors with. Deviniti’s Flutter app called DEKRAeye provides the necessary solutions to to create, assign, manage questionnaires and present the audit results using advanced analytical tools. The app proves handy with various reports and results, including coaching and mystery shopping.


Why pick Flutter development?

Flutter is Google’s answer to the problem of app development time, costs, and complexity. Flutter mobile apps are quite fast and easy to make as well as affordable in comparison to other programming languages. 

Flutter mobile development is often more efficient than native development. You don’t need many Flutter developers for the job, and your application still works on several platforms. Additionally, Flutter programming lets you introduce new features without problems. Flutter apps are widget-based, so expanding them doesn’t require much time or effort on your Flutter development company’s end. The same applies to Minimum Viable Products – an MVP created with Flutter costs less than a native MVP, so you can start marketing your product much faster.

Flutter programming has an advantage over other programming languages. Due to Flutter’s widget-based nature, the application’s layout is much easier to control. Flutter also offers a rich library of ready-made elements, thus making Flutter mobile development faster and cheaper. Flutter mobile apps also boast better performance as they don’t meet obstacles typical for other frameworks. These include time- and energy-consuming JavaScript bridges (React Native), random app crashes (Ionic), or limited UI options (Xamarin). Flutter app development offers rich UX and high performance.

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Why choose Deviniti for your Flutter app development company?

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extensive Flutter mobile development experience – we have been using Flutter since Google made it available

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a dedicated team – we have a large and well-organized team of Flutter developers who are eager to carry out your projects

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adjustment to your needs – your expectations are crucial here; we carefully collect them to give you the Flutter app you want

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cost-efficient approach – we understand budgetary limitations and strive to keep the Flutter app development cost reasonable

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creative solutions – bring us your challenges; our Flutter app developers are known for dealing with any situation

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full support – if you need further development, maintenance, or help with your Flutter app, we are always there for you


Deviniti as a Flutter developer

You may know Deviniti as a general IT solution provider. But don’t be mistaken, we are an efficient Flutter app development company. We have a strong team of Flutter app developers that is famous for its creative approach and finding solutions in impossible situations. Deviniti is one of the reasons why Flutter app development in Poland is a highly sought-after sector.

We have taken app development using Flutter to the next level. Many Flutter app development firms offer a limited portfolio of services or introduce confusing divisions. We treat the process of app development using Flutter as a whole: our Flutter app developers cooperate with designers and business analysts to provide you with a complete solution. We will also support it or expand it in the future, depending on your needs. That is why if you are considering Flutter app development in Poland, make sure to include Deviniti on your favorites list.

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When should you go for Flutter apps?

As we mentioned, Flutter programming is relatively quick, cost-efficient, and uncomplicated. When you have a limited budget, dream of reaching a large audience as soon as possible, and still want an efficient solution, app development using Flutter is right for you. Flutter software can rival apps built with other frameworks, including native ones. If you don’t need to rely on native features, you can boldly hand over the work to our Flutter development company.

Flutter app development is particularly valuable when it comes to testing your app out on the market. With Flutter, you can soon establish a Minimum Viable Product and measure its popularity. Whenever your solution needs further advancement, our Flutter developers can introduce new features without any problems. Flutter software is adaptive and allows for easy modifications. That is why, in most cases, an app built in Flutter costs less than one created using other technologies.


What is the Flutter app development cost?

Your Flutter app’s price depends on many factors. Nevertheless, it will be lower than for a similar app made with a native framework.

It’s difficult to provide one specific number as the Flutter app development cost stems from several aspects. These include the app size and complexity as well as the expected number of users and the research the Flutter development company has to conduct before even commencing the Flutter app development process.

Nevertheless, the Flutter app development cost won’t reach such thresholds as creating applications with any other framework. The cross-platform feature makes the once-written code work on multiple platforms. It means that the app created in Flutter costs less than several native apps. Moreover, working with Flutter software requires knowing one Flutter programming language – Dart. Consequently, you need only a few Flutter developers. The Flutter app development cost can become 20-50% lower compared to other frameworks.


They value our work

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Deviniti has successfully completed the app on time, and their work has received positive feedback from users. Their organized approach and use of online tools result in a seamless and productive partnership. Overall, they are flexible, prompt, and focused — their technical expertise is impressive.
Janusz Kępiński
Head of Internet & Mobile Banking at Credit Agricole Bank
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The delivered application works flawlessly; Deviniti solved all the problems arising at the testing stage. They established efficient collaboration through a designated Project Manager who ensured that everyone was up to date. The design team proved their knowledge, skills, and professionalism.
Małgorzata Śmigielska
Marketing & Sales Manager at Verdeat Home Garden
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Thanks to working with the Deviniti team, the company was able to define the MVP’s scope, complete development, and then release it for testing. The app received positive feedback from end-users who describe it as intuitive, nice, and pleasant. No bugs were experienced during testing either.
Łukasz Bartoszewicz
Board Member at MyFoodie
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The team at Deviniti provided expert technical support and guidance throughout the entirety of our application development project, and we were very pleased with the final results.
Christian Kränzle
Head of Product Management

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