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Mobile Development

Modern technologies spread through our global village. Over 4 billion people already have access to the Internet, and more than half of humanity owns mobile devices. The facts are undeniable - the Internet and mobile devices are now the foundation of our world. Smartphones, tablets, and smart devices are everywhere.

Benefits of Implementing a Mobile App

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High Traffic

Mobile devices generate over 60% of worldwide web traffic, so you can be sure that more people will engage with your company.

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New marketing channel

People spend about 80% of their time using mobile instead of desktop devices. That’s why mobile apps are so important.

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Competitive advantage

Thanks to a mobile app, you can instantly communicate with your users: send notifications, create special offers, personalize discounts, and track their activity.

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New business analytics

Many processes can be implemented in the application itself and reduce the number of contact center phone calls from the customers.

How we work


Demanding customers, high expectations for quality, particular conditions, and business environments - we love such challenges!

Each app iteration is a new experience for us. We support you during the whole journey through the whole development process from its earliest stages. We carefully choose the project management methodology, select tools, define roles to make sure that the end result is valuable to the client.

We focus on quality and close cooperation with the client. We are committed not only to the realization of the agreed project scope but meeting the real business needs of our partners.


Development Process

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Step 1


Due to the Domain-Driven Design approach, we start each project by learning more about the client's activities, their real needs, and expectations. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge.

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Step 2


It is not only about creating an attractive look but also about the application's usability, performance, security, and high availability. We present the final shape of the application at the earliest stage of work to ensure that the application meets the expectations set for it.

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Step 3


Investing in well-written code brings long-term returns. We use the shift-left principle, which ensures high quality at the programming stage. That's why our applications are less prone to errors and can be easily extended with further functionalities.

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Step 4

Quality Assurance

We carry out a complete testing process for each subsequent version. Pre-defined, planned, methodical tests are the most valuable. That’s why we create test scenarios and test plans at the stage of designing solutions and review them with the client.

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Step 5


The application lifecycle doesn’t end after it has been successfully implemented. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services and are ready to ensure the high availability of applications, high SLA parameters, and to monitor user comments and opinions to be able to respond quickly to any incidents.

Agile Approach

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We believe in the agile approach to software development and love working following the Scrum methodology.

Short iterations and close cooperation with the client allows achieving the project goal quickly. However, when choosing the project methodology, we are guided by the interest of the client. That’s why the project initiation stage is so important. It’s the moment when we jointly decide on the model of work and the principles of cooperation during the project.

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Our Projects

We are proud of our rich history of completed projects. Thanks to our applications, many of our clients have been successful in establishing strong market positions for themselves and significantly increase their revenue.

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