Sales and distribution

Synchronized information flow across the group of companies

Arena is a sales and distribution company in the technology sector. 

The company mainly purchases PCs, laptops, and other consumer electronics or supplies. They bring together more than 25.000 active products from more than 50 brands from the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

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Simplifying the approvals path

In everyday work, Arena uses SAP as its central ERP system. However, they have a development team for business processes where team members use Jira as their project management software. 

Arena uses Jira and Jira Service Management mostly to track issues and create sprints in the Agile development processes. There is also Arena’s sister company, Arena Connect for mobile sales and distribution, and Arena Solar which sells and distributes solar panels. Their other companies, like Paynet, use Jira too for the same purposes. The employees of the whole group of companies every day deal with requests that require approvals from the managers or c-level managers. This is why Arena needed a solution that could help synchronize the information from their Active Directory to Jira.

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our Solution

Active Directory Attributes Sync

Active Directory Attributes Sync for Jira enables obtaining more useful information about users available on the LDAP server and displays them in several places in Jira. 

Additionally, Active Directory Attributes Sync makes it possible to update the users’ attributes from Jira, set up acceptance rules based on LDAP data, and search issues by user attribute with a dedicated JQL function. The tool also allows for setting up acceptance rules, implementing ITIL access management into Jira, and presenting escalation details as synchronized data on Jira issues and requests. 

Extending Jira possibilities

Why Arena decided on Active Directory Attributes Sync?

Arena claims that 20% of its requests in Jira Service Management need approval from the other team members across the group of companies.

This is why employees started using the Active Directory Attributes Sync app to keep on track of the information on which user should approve their requests. The app turned out to be really useful, as now, the teams don’t have to maintain or replicate information about tickers in Jira custom fields. Thanks to AD Attributes Sync, Jira Service Management is linked directly to Active Directory and Arena teams have all necessary information automatically updated. Additionally, Arena is migrating to Cloud hosting in January 2023. For now, they are performing a test migration. This is why, in order to keep up with their effects, Arena contacted us about the Azure AD Attributes for Jira app.

How does it work?

The advantages of Active Directory Attributes Sync

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    Active Directory Attributes Sync for Jira

    Improved information flow

    Thanks to the app, any user attributes can be fetched from Active Directory. Team members can display them on user profiles, hover dialogues, and issues in Jira. It makes communication seamless within an organization as well as whilst working with external customers.

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    Focus on the work that matters most

    With AD Attributes Sync you’re able to implement identity management right inside Jira with a multi-purpose Update Data post function. All by yourself, safe and secure. Also, the plugin enables copying Active Directory attributes to selected Jira custom fields and makes adding more participants to issues easier.


The results: saved time, effort, and resources

Active Directory Attributes Sync has met the expectations of Arena’s employees. They trusted the app from the very beginning, as it was intuitive and easy to use.

All that needed to be done to start working with the plugin, is to set up the Active Directory connection and add customized attributes to display the users’ department and position. The company didn’t experience any problems or issues with the usage of the app. The team members also managed to synchronize the users’ avatars or photos from Active Directory into Jira. Thanks to this, now they can actually see who is who and what are their roles inside the company, for example, who’s the manager of a particular employee. Having this kind of data synchronized saved them a lot of effort, resources, and time spent on organizing tasks and rewriting information.


What our client say

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The application does not have any glitches, and I will be glad to explore more of your apps.
Hakan Demirbilek
Software Development Manager