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About the client

AskHenry city assistants

AskHenry is a dynamic startup and one of the top-of-mind brands specializing in the personal assistant segment.

AskHenry’s city assistants perform time-consuming tasks for various corporate employees, thus allowing them to spend more time on crucial duties. Assistant services include shopping at IKEA stores, applying for a visa, caring for pets, renting out means of transport, and organizing private events on request.

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AskHenry’s city assistants went over 100,000 km for their customers

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Couriers travel through various Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Cracow.


Repetitive tasks automation

AskHenry’s couriers and city assistants handle most of the tedious and bizarre jobs while employees can spend time performing important and complex tasks at work.

Making the majority of Polish corporations’ employees maintain a perfect work-life balance isn’t an easy task. Before AskHenry came across Freshdesk, its co-founder, Norbert, used a Polish helpdesk with only basic functions. Most of the tasks had to be done manually, and operating the system was time-consuming. It lacked a basic structure and didn’t scale with the increasing number of team members. Eventually, Norbert was faced with the task of finding a solution that best suited the company. After testing numerous tools, he decided Freshdesk would the best option.

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The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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Work scalability so that the company can handle a greater volume of work

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Trello and Slack integrations to improve communication inside and outside the company

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Accelerating operations and increasing customer satisfaction levels

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Limiting manual tasks so that assistants can spend more time on more complicated matters


A selected tool

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    A comprehensive customer service tool

    • customer service on multiple platforms
    • automation solutions optimizing work
    • a dedicated chatbot with an instant response function
    • customer and consultant behavior monitoring

How did we do it?

The Freshdesk help desk changed everything

The ability to link inboxes and a helpdesk impressed the AskHenry team.

Their service team is divided by function – city couriers and online assistants. The Dispatcher rule in Freshdesk allows them to sort the reports by type. This introduces transparency in assigning task ownership and facilitates resource management. Incoming messages from their inboxes and Help Center are automatically converted into tickets, reducing manual tasks. This wasn’t possible with the earlier tool.


Significant optimization of agents’ work

Critical business information is always at its place, while the ability to monitor requests and a broader overview of tasks via intuitive dashboards solve many of the team’s problems.

The AskHenry team spends less than three hours deploying new consultants, and one of their favorite Freshdesk features is the option to add new consultants on demand using day passes. The team appreciates that they don’t need technical or programming assistance to adapt Freshdesk to their needs.

Freshdesk has made working at AskHenry much easier. The company has hired a dedicated manager to handle all tasks at Freshdesk. Norbert, AskHenry co-founder can now fully focus on serving VIP customers.


What does our client say?

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My experience as a Freshdesk user is excellent. The interface is highly intuitive and makes the new consultants’ onboarding very easy.
Norbert Szmit
AskHenry Co-founder