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See how Bidfood Farutex impoved workflow and customer service.

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About client

Polish catering supply

Farutex is a major player in the food distribution market for the hospitality sector in Poland. This company has been operating on the market for almost 25 years and has branches all over Poland.

The company offers nearly 6,000 fresh, chilled, frozen, and dried products, including fish and seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits, potato and dairy products, also drinks, ice cream, bread, and cakes.


Efficient handling of large orders

Operating on the market for over 25 years, the company has experienced ups and downs. Being one of the industry leaders, every order and request must be fulfilled with great care. Farutex is constantly increasing the number of orders, and thus needed a solution that would meet all the requirements. By extending operations to the IT and customer service departments, the ideal helpdesk needs to handle inquiries, classify notifications, manage and report incidents, handle devices, provide assistance to users and suppliers, etc.

A simple email-based solution does not meet these requirements, and using an overly extensive helpdesk could slow down the entire operation. Farutex had to struggle with implementing many different solutions before finding the perfect one.

With the help of a strong team of 10 specialists, Farutex is able to process orders consisting of nearly 6,000 products every day. The implementation of various “market-leading” helpdesk solutions not only had a negative impact on the company’s productivity but also led to chaos in the company’s offices throughout Poland. Employees often didn’t handle reports properly and were unaware of which reports had already been resolved and which hadn’t yet.

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The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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The ability to manage large orders efficiently

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Ensuring customer service satisfaction and quality thanks to the improved work of the team

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One-stop handling of requests to avoid chaos in systems

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Simplifying customer service staff’s work


Individual tool selection

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    A set of tools dedicated to improving cooperation with the team and customers

    • personalized customer service
    • efficient problem-solving in one place
    • ticket handling and quick response automation
    • communication automation


Facilitating customer service department work

The Freshdesk implementation made Farutex employees’ lives easier. From receiving e-mail notifications and shutting down the phone line, all this chaos was about increasing CSAT scores, speeding up effecting, increasing transparency, and improving SLA performance; it all worked perfectly with Freshdesk.

Features like ticket status customization, scenario automation, and pre-formatted response templates helped the team take customer satisfaction to the next level.


What does our client say?

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Thanks to the Freshdesk tool implementation, we often use response templates and scenarios. Through this, we don’t waste time on repetitive activities.
Monika Kiewra
Senior Helpdesk Specialist at Farutex