Car Fleet Management

A mobile application for drivers that facilitates using services offered by Carefleet.

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satisfied application users per year
customers actively use the application
self-service process of accepting insurance claims or tire relocation requests on Carefleet’s end

About the client

Car rental solutions provider

Carefleet S.A. is one of the leading Polish companies in the Car Fleet Management industry. It is a part of the Credit Agricole Group and the European Leasing Fund.

The company specializes in the outsourcing models of financing and managing corporate vehicle fleets. For over 15 years, it has been cooperating with large enterprises as well as medium and small businesses.

The company’s flagship product is long-term rental – a solution that combines competitive financing of company cars with their comprehensive technical and administrative upkeep. Carefleet S.A.’s offer also includes operating and financial leases as well as a wide range of fleet management services.


Facilitating communication and improving self-service

Specialists from the Driver Service Center who support hundreds of users monthly mainly used two communication channels: the hotline and the website contact form. The challenge we faced was establishing reliable customer service and reducing the response time, even with an increasing number of inquiries, as much as possible.

The company decided to create a mobile application that was to become a modern channel for communicating with the company. The application was supposed to not only help reach consultants directly but also act as a self-service platform. This forward-looking approach has been confirmed by subsequent studies on the preferred forms of contact with companies – as much as 60% of customers prefer solutions that will allow them to manage a simple problem on their own. In this case, it was assumed that the application user should be able to independently find the required information like the nearest tire or repair workshop or the vehicle repair historical data.

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The main areas to be covered
when designing the mobile application

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improving customer experience in the customer service area

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speeding up self-service activities related to the leased vehicle usage

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enhancing communication between the rented vehicle users and the Driver Service Center (DSC)

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supporting internal processes of car fleet management 

Purpose of the project

The project aimed to create and provide Carefleet drivers with a mobile application that supports the use of vehicles managed by Carefleet, easier communication with the company, and faster resolution of problems related to car use. From the beginning, we presumed that the application should provide the user with real value.”

Mariusz Fijałkowski
Project Business Leader on Carefleet S.A.’s end


Introducing a versatile mobile app

Mobile application for leased vehicle users and Driver Service Center specialists

Providing users with a solution that would allow them to independently find the necessary information, submit an insurance claim, or send a form required a thorough understanding of the drivers’ needs. For this purpose, we started working on the application in joint workshop sessions, during which we initially collected and discussed the requirements for further verification, analysis, and clarification.

It was necessary to define areas that do not require communication between the user and the DSC. These areas could be transferred to the application as part of self-service.

The areas that don’t require communication between the user and DSC

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independent search for the nearest service points, such as tire or repair workshops on the map, including the function of navigating to a selected venue, finding contact details

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submitting forms, e.g., for a trip abroad or authorization to refuel a replacement vehicle, using only the application and without the need to contact the DSC

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filing an insurance claim and monitoring the status of the filed case


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the option of ordering tire relocation between different tire workshops

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a list of automatic notifications related to insurances and claims as well as notifications regarding the ratings of visits to the workshops or the body and paint repairs

How did we do it?

Swift implementation and moving to action

The project was cross-implemented. There were two teams participating

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a team closely cooperating with Carefleet, responsible for developing business logic and coordinating work on Carefleet’s end

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a mobile team from Deviniti that included a tester, project manager as well as mobile and back-end developers

Experts involved in the project

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Mariusz Fijałkowski – Head of the Driver Service Department – Project Business Leader on Carefleet’s end

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Kamil Pietrasik – Product & Process Manager – as the Project Manager on Carefleet’s end


Due to the project’s innovative nature, we collectively decided that the best solution would be the implementation with the Agile methodology.

The Agile methodology aimed at translating into quick software implementation and close cooperation between teams. The iterative mode of work allowed for flexibility in product development. In the history of our company cooperation, it was the first project carried out using the Agile methodology.


Under this project, we expanded the Citis core system. Deviniti created this system for Carefleet over 15 years ago and we have been developing it ever since. The application was supposed to communicate and integrate with the system. A mobile application server was also prepared.

In the first stage of work, due to the overwhelming number of Android users in Poland (according to statistics, it might even be 90% of the market), the team decided to implement a pilot app for this mobile platform. At this stage, we used the material design language which reduced costs and allowed for quick commencement of the project.

Technological stack



The work was carried out – per the Agile methodology – in two-week iterations, resulting in subsequent versions of the application that provided new functionalities. The teams met regularly for workshop sessions to review and discuss the effects of their work. Together, we clarified the requirements for the following project stages.

Redesign and tests

The tester participated in the project from the initial stages to the final ones, overseeing the software quality during specific iterations. Each version that provided new functionalities was tested separately. Test scenarios were also created on an ongoing basis. Later, they became the basis for acceptance.

After completing the development, finalizing the works agreed upon in the process, and the client’s acceptance of the application’s Android version, a dedicated Deviniti team conducted a redesign, giving the application its final visual shape.


After the acceptance tests, the Android application was implemented and made available as a pilot to our partner’s selected clients. Once the solution received favorable customer reviews, we made it available to all customers in the Google Play Store.

Preparation of the iOS application

The last step was to prepare the application for the iOS platform to reach 100% of users interested in the mobile service. In this case, we based our work on the experience gathered in the previous stages. The platform was developed internally by Deviniti specialists. The development of the iOS app didn’t need to involve our partner until the application was accepted.

Application maintenance

Since its implementation, the Carefleet GO application has been under the care of Deviniti specialists.  

How does the application work?

Immediate contact and full self-service

The intuitive application based on the latest UX trends allows you to quickly find desired parameters or contact the Driver Service Center. Carefleet GO has become an additional communication channel between the vehicle user and the rental service provider.

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    • independent search for the nearest service points (tire and repair workshops)
    • checking the vehicle’s service history
    • tire relocation between tire workshops
    • checking vehicle data and deadlines (date of the upcoming technical inspection, number of days until the contract expiry, the end date of the third-party liability insurance policy)
    • available fuel cards
    • a guide on incident procedures

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    Facilitated communication with the Driver Service Center

    • online insurance claims
    • instant connection with the emergency number and Carefleet

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    the option of submitting claims regarding the following areas:

    • authorization to go abroad
    • authorization to refuel

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    • push notifications sent to the users
    • a list of automatic notifications related to insurance claims, forms, and ratings of workshops where the car was serviced

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    Insurance claims

    • a ready-to-use guide on collision procedures
    • quick contact with the emergency number and Carefleet’s DSC
    • the ability to quickly send insurance claims to the company


Reduced processes and customer satisfaction


satisfied application users per year


customers actively use the application


is the reduction rate regarding the processes of issuing an authorization to travel abroad or refuel the car both on Carefleet’s and the vehicle user’s end


self-service process of accepting insurance claims or tire relocation requests on Carefleet’s end


is the reduction rate regarding the time for submitting insurance claims or relocating tires on the user’s side

The application implementation met two project principles: improving the work of car users and facilitating fleet managers with their daily duties. We have successfully developed a solution that customers find clear – it allows them to independently get answers to questions, file forms, and check the vehicle repair history without needing to contact the Driver Service Center.

Carefleet GO has become a convenient link between the rental service provider and the customer. Specialists from the Driver Service Center have been relieved of excessive telephone and e-mail inquiries. They have also been enabled to receive constant user feedback regarding the quality of service and activities performed.

Carefleet GO received an award in 8th edition of the Fleet Derby 2019 national fleet plebiscite for the Best product, fleet service in the “Mobile application – service provider” category.


What does our client say?

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The long-term cooperation with Deviniti has allowed us to trust that creating a mobile application will also bring the results we expect. The idea for the Carefleet GO application was born out of the need to facilitate fleet managers and provide customers with a new form of contact with the company. We put a lot of emphasis on self-service – we wanted the user of the vehicle rented in Carefleet to receive all the valuable information in the application. Cooperation with Deviniti was smooth – it can be proven by the 15 months that elapsed from the first meeting to making the application generally available. The positive feedback from our customers only confirms that it has been a good investment.
Mariusz Fijałkowski
Head of Driver Service Center at Carefleet S.A.


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