A website that allows users to compare prices from various online stores

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About the client

A price comparison site that makes shopping easier 


Ceneo.pl is the largest price comparison website in Europe and the second-largest e-commerce website in Poland. It allows users to shop quickly and helps them find the best products and offers in terms of price, delivery time, shipping costs, and transaction security. The website is visited over 72 million times a month.  

Ceneo.pl provides unlimited access to over 16 million products in 17 thousand stores.


Easier contact with business clients

The main task faced by the Ceneo.pl customer service team was to facilitate contact between business customers and relevant departments in the company. 

Employees were looking for tools for direct contact that would enable them to answer both simple questions, as well as more complex ones.

In addition, the company sought to enable real-time contact and immediate assistance for the benefit of its customers. However, they did not want to give up e-mail communication, as this channel works well with more complicated inquiries.

The main areas taken into account during the implementation of the tool

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streamlining reporting 

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optimization of e-mail communication

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teamwork on submissions

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chat implementation for business clients



A tool for serving individual and business clients

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    Effective customer service

    • automation
    • efficient and easy-to-use reporting system
    • integration with the mailbox
    • chat tool




How did we do it?

Support and help in solving problems

The implementation of the tool was carried out by our client, and the Deviniti team provided support at every stage of this process. Our team was involved in discovering the most important features of the platform that best suited the client’s needs and goals.

We worked as advisors, helping the client understand the possibilities and benefits offered by tools from the Freshworks ecosystem.


Efficient communication and reporting

The Ceneo.pl team started using Freshdesk and Freshchat. The tools introduced significant improvements in the area that the company cared about the most, i.e. direct contact with the business client.

In terms of B2B cooperation, Freshchat is used as early as at the level of user integration with Ceneo and during collaboration. Thanks to real-time communication, the customer service team is able to explain technical issues on an ongoing basis and provide guidance on the effective use of the Ceneo platform. The service time for business customers in the Ceneo Panel has been shortened to a few minutes.

In addition, tools from the Freshworks ecosystem support e-mail communication. Thanks to automation, applications are efficiently distributed and sent to the appropriate departments faster. This speeds up the process of dealing with them.


What does the client say about us?

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The decision to implement the chat resulted from our need to facilitate the communication and use of the Ceneo Panel by our partners. We chose Deviniti’s solution because of the ability to consolidate all functions in one application and simple, quick integration.
Adam Dec
Senior Product Owner