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Case study: CA24 Mobile

CA24 Mobile – the most important result

users in late November 2022
interactions in 6 months (contacts with the bank within the application)
less time needed for project implementation thanks to Flutter technology


A universal bank full of benefits

Credit Agricole is a universal bank that has been operating in Poland for nearly 30 years.

It is one of the most frequently recommended banks in the country. The bank operates in the retail, corporate and agricultural banking sectors, as well as in the areas of small and medium-sized enterprises and Consumer Finance.

Since 2001, the bank has been a part of the Credit Agricole Group which has existed for over 130 years. At present, it belongs to the top 10 financial groups in the world in terms of asset value. It is also the largest retail bank in Europe and a leading insurance company in France. Credit Agricole Group operates in 47 countries worldwide and serves 53 million customers.

Purpose of the project

“The subject of our cooperation has been the creation of a new mobile application that is to become one of the best on the market, especially regarding customer experience. We also wanted a solution that can be quickly expanded in the future so that we can adapt it to the new needs of the banking market.”

Janusz Kępiński
Director of Internet and Mobile Banking Department
 at Credit Agricole


Guaranteed development and fulfiled expectations

Credit Agricole faced the challenge of limited development possibilities in terms of its previous mobile app that eventually failed to follow ongoing trends.

We have completed numerous projects side by side with Credit Agricole. Considering our existing relationship and the range of Deviniti’s skills, the bank was eager to cooperate with us this time as well. The challenge was the banking application for retail customers. It was outdated and stopped conforming to market trends. Together with over a dozen teams from other technological companies, we undertook one of the most complex projects of its kind.

The previous app version was an old-style solution. It could no longer offer the capabilities that modern customers expect. Due to the technology and structure employed, the banking application became challenging to develop. Its expansion would be costly, and the final version wouldn’t bring the results required by the market.

Credit Agricole went even deeper into the topic. The company wanted to gain an advantage in many fields, including technology and business. In practice, it means the bank wanted to be able to introduce new app features as its offer would evolve and include new products/services.

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Main areas to improve by implementing a new application

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Meeting customer expectations and providing higher satisfaction levels

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Providing new features that will be in line with current trends

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Expanding the products/services portfolio within the application, thus expanding the customer portfolio

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Increasing the competitiveness of the solution in the banking application market

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Ensuring the highest security levels for customers in the application

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Adhering to requirements on formal issues and compliance

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Streamlining communication and facilitating the customer-bank cooperation

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Guaranteeing future development

of the application


Introducing an innovative Flutter application

CA24 Mobile – full of benefits – an application that sets its own personalization and UX standards

The project wasn’t limited to creating a banking application. Prior to its commencement, we carried out a number of analyzes. Their goal was to determine how mobile banking should function so that it gives the customer the most benefits. We investigated trends related to this type of banking, UX and customer needs to establish the best features for them. The result was the CA24 Mobile – full of benefits application tailored to the market needs.

Credit Agricole’s new solution provides mobile banking services to retail and SOHO customers. The application meets the requirements regarding security, compliance, technology, and user expectations. In addition, thanks to the project partners – UX specialists – the solution presents a new, better perspective concerning UX standards. Therefore, the application is easy to use, beautiful and intuitive. It also offers uniquely personalized products and services as well as discounts readily available in the so-called river of benefits. We designed the solution to encourage users to seize the opportunity.

The CA24 Mobile – full of benefits app stands out among users and companies. Thanks to the involvement of Credit Agricole, Deviniti, and other companies, we have built the greatest banking solution in Poland in the Flutter framework and one of the greatest Flutter applications in the world. Nowadays, it is the subject of many business talks and a role model for complex development projects.

Main areas of supporting the bank and customers through CA24 Mobile – full of benefits

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Constant app development thanks to modern, flexible Flutter framework that enables quick implementation of subsequent elements.

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Providing new features for customers that help to increase sales of banking products and services while positively impacting satisfaction levels.

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Incorporating personalization with an attractive system of offers and discounts that bring mutual benefits in a user-friendly form.

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Opening several communication channels available from one place (telephone, chat).

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Ensuring comprehensive banking service handling within the application – significantly reducing the need to visit the bank’s physical locations.

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Going beyond banking – preparing the banking application for the beyond banking trend and introducing new functions in the future, e.g., parking fees or highway fees.


Implementation of one of the largest Flutter projects in the world

The project was cross-implemented and included the Deviniti team (15 people). Experts involved in the project:

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Business analysts

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Flutter mobile developers

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Java back-end developers


Since we acted as an extensive group comprising many smaller teams, we needed a methodology ensuring control over the project and transparency while maintaining certain independence of operation. That is why we chose the Agile methodology, which has proven itself many times, even in sizeable projects.

It is worth noting that during project implementation, we supported Credit Agricole in incorporating the Agile methodology into its own business. This step contributed not only to improving the quality of our cooperation in building the banking application but also to the overall increase in the company’s productivity.


After we considered and analyzed the structure of the future banking application and presented Credit Agricole with relevant reports, the bank decided to build it using the Flutter framework. It is a technology created and supported by Google. In addition, there is also a large community around it that takes care of the quality of created applications. Flutter owes its popularity among developers primarily to the intuitive programming language called Dart associated with this framework, as well as its flexibility.

Nowadays, Flutter is a mature technology catching the interest of many industries, including highly regulated sectors such as banking. One of the valued advantages of this framework is its ability to create code for several operating systems simultaneously. Another is the reduction of development time by as much as 50-75%. The platform also offers many possibilities in terms of application design and flows. This allows one to easily build a nice, fast, and versatile Flutter app.

Technological stack



We carried out the work – as per the Agile methodology – in two-week iterations during which we created subsequent versions of the application containing new features. The teams regularly met at workshops aimed at reviewing, verifying, and accepting the effects of their work. We jointly clarified the requirements for the following project stages. The number of planned tasks, the valuations, and the implementation processes were properly created because each person involved in the project had a real impact on it.


The project required close cooperation between technology and business teams. At its peak, the application development involved almost 300 people gathered in 16 teams. The teams included 50 programmers and 10 business teams – from the bank and cooperating companies (our team was one of them). Each unit contained technological and business skills, i.e., people responsible for business and system analytics, mobile development, back-end, architecture, etc.). As a result, all teams were self-sufficient and able to successfully carry out their part of the project. Thanks to this, we could quickly achieve the expected results. In addition, a UX design company, which has already prepared solutions for top Polish banks, also participated in the project. Our joint actions translated into a satisfactory or even delightful result, i.e., the CA24 Mobile – full of benefits application.


A new, improved approach to mobile banking

The CA24 Mobile – full of benefits application offers a unique perspective on banking. The customer has total control over their mobile banking, from account creation to mobile authorization of most banking processes. Simplicity is key – the most important functions are one tap away. In addition, we have jointly created an innovative solution, the so-called river of benefits. It gives access to discounts on products and services of well-known brands as well as everyday shopping at local partner venues – in nearly 10,000 places throughout Poland. The application provides the following options:

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    Personalization of the offer

    Individual discounts that match the users’ interests

    • The river of benefits – a unique solution in which discounts from the Benefit Club and the bank’s special offers flow in a visualization of a river, grabbing the customers’ attention and tempting them with real bargains.
    • The offered discounts are tailored to each customer’s preferences.
    • Discounts from the Benefit Club – these are discounts and special offers of top brands in over 10,000 points of sale.

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    Account management

    Full control over your accounts from start to finish

    • Possibility to open a personal account, a foreign currency account, and a special savings account (Rachunek Oszczędzam), as well as set up a deposit – all without visiting a bank.
    • Completion of transfers using a QR code, loan and credit card repayments, VAT split payments, reverse transfers and re-transfers, and even tax-related transfers. Foreign transfers are also supported.
    • Management of savings and investment products, loans, cards, the option of obtaining a pre-approved loan in the application, and automatic repayments.
    • Quick switching between a private and business account, instant control over company finances.

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    Communication with the bank

    Easy access to services, the bank’s portfolio and support

    • Contact center – we have collected all the channels for contacting the bank (telephone and chat) in an easy-to-find place.
    • The possibility of arranging a meeting directly with your advisor at a bank branch.
    • The option to obtain information about the bank’s entire offer inside the application – there’s no need to turn on a PC to learn more.
    • Easy access to bank documents and security settings.
    • Mobile authorization of transactions.


Increasing customer involvement and the bank’s capabilities


users in late November 2022


interactions of users served in the application with a growing user base in just 6 months


less time needed for project implementation thanks to Flutter technology


brands cooperating with the bank within the Benefit Club discount program


– almost this many people were involved in the application development at peak moments

1 million

– this is the projected number of users in 2025.

The development of the CA24 Mobile – full of benefits application has been a success. We achieved the required milestones and KPIs, including the on-time delivery. The solution meets the requirements regarding technology, safety and customer satisfaction. We have built the application using a new technology and partially rewrote its back-end. We have also implemented many business optimizations. Thanks to this, the support for current features and the development of new ones are faster than in native technologies.

The users haven’t felt any difference in the quality of using the application. With complex implementations, the risk of mobile banking downtimes and the solution’s instability increases, especially in the initial stages. However, we have completed the project without major problems. We also divided the user migration process into smaller periods to ease the transition to a new system. The bank’s customers are satisfied with the application since they have more possibilities. They also appreciate its speed, intuitiveness, and friendly design.

The very process of creating the CA24 Mobile – full of benefits application constitutes a major change. As the largest solution of this type built with Flutter, it has become a new benchmark initiated by Credit Agricole. In addition, we helped the bank take a step forward by supporting its implementation of the Agile methodology. Together, we took decisive action to optimize the company’s internal processes.

It is worth noting that completing the application is the first stage of the project. In the second stage, we are planning feature expansions that will allow the solution to follow the beyond banking trend. Thanks to this, the users will be able to pay for parking lots, motorways, or tickets and enjoy many other options making their lives easier. If our cooperation in this area is equally effective, then the CA24 Mobile – full of benefits application has a good chance of becoming the best banking application on the market.


What does our client say?

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We have decided to cooperate with Deviniti because this company offers the right combination of experts who know how to build solutions that meet business requirements and understand the perspective of banking customers’ expectations. Our teams achieved a high efficiency levels surprisingly quickly. In addition, we appreciate Deviniti for their Agile working style – we can learn a lot here, but also inspire each other regarding how to deliver products in a better and more effectively way that eventually create a satisfying value for the customer.
Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier
Managing Director at Credit Agricole Bank Polska