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error reduction
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About the Client

LEDs on request 

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The Ledon company deals with the design and creation of LED lettering (after which it was named). It employs about 25 people and is headquartered in Warsaw.

Ledon offers ready-made letters and also accepts individual projects. The company carries out orders from all over Poland as well as abroad. Customer support takes place mostly online. The website has a Shop tab where the customers can purchase ready-made products, and a Valuation/Pricing section, which allows them to contact about custom concepts.


Organization of data and information flow

Information that reached specific departments didn’t pass on to other teams. In a huge number of tools used by the company, it was difficult to find the most recent data or subsequent iterations. Employees didn’t have one common place to process information and categorize it. This situation significantly hindered communication and delayed project implementation.

In addition, employees were burdened with many repetitive tasks that were often left out during the day. As a result, many updates were lost during the process. Therefore, the customer might have received an order that wasn’t what they expected. Transferring information between tools or assigning a task to another employee were very time-consuming.

The sales department had no insight into the tech data of the orders, and the technical department had no access to the sales information. This led to oversights. In addition, there was a problem resulting from unclear payment steps.

In the production of LED designs, especially personalized ones, the key is the inventory. In order to efficiently implement customer ideas, the technical department must have the resources to create luminous letters. Unfortunately, administrative and organizational issues weren’t systematized while the company lacked processes and a place to collect key documents. This was a big problem, especially in terms of onboarding another employee to perform administrative work.

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Main areas considered while the implementation

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Less mistakes in sales and production processes

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Collecting the most important information in one publicly available system and the ability to share the data with people outside the company

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Reducing the numbers of repetitive tasks that employees had to perform

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Gathering the functionalities of many tools used so far into one


An intuitive work management system

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    The system tailored to company

    • Quick implementation
    • Flexibility of use
    • Process integration and automation

How did we do it?

A complete solution and implementation support

Deviniti – work

The Ledon team opted for monday.com as it is one of the most flexible systems for them.

Together with the client, Deviniti specialists analyzed the entire process and pointed out inaccuracies that affected the quality of services.

The tool has been adapted to the needs of teams, and its functionalities have been selected to support the company’s work best.

Deviniti’s support

Deviniti experts took care of the comprehensive system implementation process.

They selected specific solutions and adapted the templates to the company’s requirements. The Deviniti crew also conducted training and showed Ledon’s employees how to adjust the workspace to individual needs. As a result, the Ledon team gained a clear structure and saved time.

Deviniti - Trust


Error reduction


error reduction

1 tool

tool instead of many

The implementation of monday.com not only streamlined work but also provided comprehensive project information to employees from each department. In addition, thanks to this tool, the Ledon team remodeled its processes. This had a positive impact on the execution of orders. Thanks to automation and event sequencing, the employees no longer skip steps or duplicate their work.

The company replaced several tools with one. The employees don’t have to switch between different screens and copy information. The company has also gained a place to store documents, thus allowing for trouble-free searching for archived invoices or order information.

Our cooperation

Case study: Ledon


What does our client say?

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We wanted, above all, to provide trouble-free operation of the sales and production process. We needed an infallible tool that has all the necessary functionalities.
Mikołaj Rytel
Co-founder of Ledon