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memoresa is a simple estate planner and a secure emergency kit for users of all ages. 

Thanks to a digital platform and an app, matters that are the most important to users are safely stored and available in the portal at any time. The product supports keeping order and structuring certificates, contracts, and documents within one place. 

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The challenge of scattered testing

The test management and test execution objects were scattered on different platforms. Keeping track of the progress cost too much time and required additional tasks. 

The testing process consists of multiple stages. The first step is gathering requirements, then it moves on to writing test cases. The tests create test plans which are necessary for test executions. After execution, it’s time for the most important step: reporting defects. It’s understandable that if all these activities are performed separately, it becomes difficult to manage them, not to mention tracking connections and collaborating with the team members inside and across the teams. 

What’s more, memoresa’s employees were dealing with tedious, unintuitive manual testing. Since it’s a small business, its product is tested from time to time by everyone in the company. The lack of a systematic pattern for executing test steps and leaving a comment when something went wrong made the whole process more time-consuming for testers as well as test managers. The company was looking for a solution that would simplify process organization so that experts could focus on actual work.

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Requirements and Test Management for Jira

Requirements and Test Management for Jira (RTM) by Deviniti is a test management tool that makes it possible to bring the whole software development process to a single place. 

RTM for Jira was designed with one specific intention – its goal is to support collaboration between analysts, testers, test managers, and all the other stakeholders. Not only does the app enable everyone to work together on the same, familiar interface. It’s also seamlessly integrated with Atlassian Jira – the most commonly used project management tool. Thanks to this, each stage of testing can be easily tracked, and the related tasks are strictly connected.


How did it help?

memoresa decided on Requirements and Test Management for Jira mainly because of its intuitive look and feel, requirements management included in the testing process, and easy integration with Jira.

RTM for Jira became a good choice to help organize and track tests, because it turned out to be a well-structured and understandable tool, even for those who don’t test on a daily basis. The tool gives a very clear object description with preconditions and expected results. Team members can always take a look at the requirements for an explanation of a particular function. In addition to keeping the test documentation in better order, the app makes it easier to run manual tests and generate a comprehensive bug report.

How does it work?

How does RTM work?

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    Requirements and Test Management for Jira

    The most intuitive Jira requirements and test management app

    Requirements and Test Management for Jira (RTM) brings the whole software project from requirements to production right inside the Atlassian suite. It’s based on native Jira functionalities that help seamlessly integrate testing with requirements, development, and reporting.

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    Transparent relations between testing objects

    Consistent testing out of the box

    The app standarizes the process, gives access to test results, and enables to monitor Defects. With our RTM for Jira app you can increase the team’s efficiency. Track the progress with requirement links and test reports and customize them with  filters to achieve end-to-end traceability.


The results that exceeded expectations

In the case of memoresa, our main goal was to help the team members responsible for testing the company’s app organize their work. Requirements and Test Management for Jira succeeded in making these management improvements thanks to its clear design and ease of use.

What was crucial for the project is that the tool allowed people who don’t primarily work in IT to perform manual tests. With the RTM app, test cases are well prepared, preconditions are transparently defined, and people working together on a particular issue are guided through each step consistently. The specificity of the testing objects in RTM for Jira makes it easier to spot and describe the bug in the same place. The team members also value the feature to attach a screenshot within a test step. Thanks to this, the test manager can quickly reproduce the bug and create a ticket for the developers.

At first, the memoresa team just wanted a tool to create, manage and run manual tests. Now they also use the RTM app to describe their automated tests.


What our client says

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RTM was very helpful because it also allows our colleagues who do not primarily work in IT to perform manual tests. The clear design and ease of use convinced us to use RTM.
Ieva Tranaite

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