An online shop for military lovers

Find out how a thriving online store has improved the customer service consultants’ work.

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About the client

Wide range of products for military enthusiasts

The Militaria Łódź store has a very wide collection of clothing, footwear, and military products, as well as items for airsoft or shooting fans.

The store regularly expands its offer, thus meeting its customers’ requests and needs. Good relationships with customers are essential for employees and owners. Effective information flow within the company and efficient service play a vital role in this company as they help to build and maintain these relationships.


Work organization and duties’ division

The military market is specific and quite demanding. Good relationships with customers are crucial to building their trust and loyaltythus encouraging them to return to the store to advance their passions to the highest level. The growing interest in military-related topics, as well as a wide range of products, meant that the number of customers began to rise very quickly. This, unfortunately, made it difficult to maintain the existing fast-pased communication.

Customer service employees were lost among the enormity of e-mails, being unable to determine the request status or urgencyThis situation harmed customer relationships.

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The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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Insight into online orders and their statuses, ensuring constant contact with the customer.

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Previewing of client correspondence from other sources than the website.

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Ticket flags  open/closed.

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Spam identification and ticket categorization.


A tailor-made tool

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    A complex customer service tool

    • request classification,
    • clear division of duties,
    • constant preview of client correspondence from various channels,
    • an intuitive and easy-to-use support panel.


How did we do it?

Efficient contact inside and outside the company

Freshdesk turned out to be an excellent remedy for all the problems encountered by the customer service department of the Militaria Łódź store.

An intuitive division of tickets into open and closed ones solved the problem of agents activities’ duplication. Moreover, the categorization of tickets allowed the staff to identify the most urgent ones. Using the Freshdesk panel, consultants can track the order and stay in constant contact with its recipient.

In addition, the store has also decided to use the chat tool – Freshchat that lets customers send links to consultants, and ask questions on an ongoing basis while they are browsing the website.

Deviniti’s support

Quick implementation and ongoing support 

Our experts actively supported the Militaria Łódź team. They were present not only at the stage of implementing the Freshdesk system but also conducted training on how to use the system. 

Since that Deviniti is the exclusive partner of Freshworks in Poland, the client could buy the product license in the Polish national currency, thus avoiding the currency exchange fee.

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Efficient request identification and assistance

The Militaria Łódź team was enchanted by the vast amounts of data as well as the intuitiveness of the tool. Consultants can view all correspondence now, so it is no longer necessary to transfer information between employees. This ability improved communication both inside and outside the company and increased the effectiveness of the department’s work. Moreover, the efficiency of the team increased, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.


What does our client say?

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The first days of using the Freshdesk and Freshchat surprised us. First of all, each of the company’s employees has access to the full correspondence, which eliminated the problem of transferring information, and messages from clients to each other.
Marek Dziamarski
Owner of Militaria Łódź