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Efficient process management in a financial institution

Check how a financial institution took task and process management to a higher level.

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About the client

Modern financial institution

Narodowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny (the National Guarantee Fund) is the creator of the first eFaktoring (online factoring system) in Poland – 100% online financing of the day-to-day operations of micro-entrepreneurs. 

In the past, factoring was an expensive solution available to large companies. NFG has created such a service tailored to the needs of the smallest market participants, incl. construction companies, the transport industry, and freelancers. Invoice financing can be completed quickly and easily with the innovative Factoring Support Service. All you need to do is apply for a factoring limit and then finance invoices in the model of your choice (open factoring – standard mode, open factoring – express mode, or silent factoring). As many as 85% of NFG customers receive funds for the financed invoice even in 5 minutes.


Time-saving and efficiency increase

Before implementation, the team was at a standstill, completing tasks manually, using up more time, and losing productivity. There was no solution that would improve the entire order management structure and processes within the organization.

There was no single tool to manage problems occurring in the organization.


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The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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Limiting the manual execution of a large number of tasks

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Increasing team effectiveness and work efficiency

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Improving process and project management

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Better task management through process centralization


A selected tool

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    Complex customer service tool

    • a versatile tool for effective customer service
    • ongoing notification handling and problem-solving
    • communication automation
    • personalized customer service at the highest level


What has Freshdesk changed in the organization?

Easy configuration and quick implementation of Freshdesk made managing processes throughout the organization easier and faster – both within the Teams and in communication with Clients.

Nowadays 28 team members across various business units such as Operations, Development, Risk Management, Initiatives, and Sales benefit from Freshdesk during daily duties, and thus significantly improve company efficiency. 

Freshdesk turned out to be a remedy for problems in the company. Critical information for the organization is kept stored, and continuous traceability of notifications and their status helps manage projects efficiently.

Freshdesk handles requests, reports, and automates daily tasks. Intuitive features, such as adding/removing fields to new processes and automation, accelerate the work of individual members of the NFG Team.


What does our client say?

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Thanks to Freshdesk, we were able to centralize customer notification management from our NFG invoice handling system.
Marcin Zmyślony
Service Delivery Manager