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Customer satisfaction is key in the service sector. Find out how SALESmanago took care of it with Freshdesk.

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About the client

Marketing automation supplier

SALESmanago is a European leader in the marketing automation field.

The company has been operating since 2012, gaining more and more customers in Europe but also in Asia, North and South America.

Over 300 employees take care of thousands of customers and try to make their work as easy as possible with marketing automation tools.


Smooth information flow

Since SALESmanago used the Jira software for internal communication within IT teams, the search for similar software began. The company was looking for a solution that would improve workflow and fit in less technical departments, such as Sales and Customer Service.

In SALESmanago, the problem was related to multi-channel communication. There was no place where inquiries from all available channels would be collected. Intuitive reporting was something the team was looking for but hadn’t had access to.

The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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Intuitive and quick reporting.

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Collecting multichannel inquiries in one place.

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Efficient flow of information within the company.

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Task automation.


A tailor-made tool

  • Przenieś swoje centrum pomocy klientom na wyższy poziom dzięki aplikacjom mobilnym. Twórz customer success niezależnie od miejsca pracy konsutlantów.


    A complete customer support tool

    • messages from many channels gathered in one place,
    • a clear division of duties,
    • notification automation,
    • an intuitive and easy-to-use panel.

Deviniti’s support

Quick deployment and training

Our experts actively supported the SALESmanago team while implementing the Freshdesk system.

In addition, Deviniti, as the exclusive partner of Freshworks in Poland, allows the purchase of the product license in the Polish national currency, resulting in no additional costs for the client when converting the payment.

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Efficient communication

Freshdesk allowed application automation rules, thus speeding up the process of working on tickets. The tool makes it possible to deliver each inquiry to the most qualified employee in a given area who can solve the problem in the best and fastest way. 

The system also collects data, provides access to it at any time, and most importantly, guarantees its safety.

Many employees of the Service Department also appreciated the ticket-tracking feature, for allowing them to avoid duplicating work on a given issue. As a result, inquiries are resolved much faster. The combination of SALESmanago and Freshdesk capabilities means trouble-free internal communication, helping consultants provide customers with the highest level of service.


What does our client say?

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Our favorite Freshdesk feature is automation rules. They make it easier for us to automatically distribute requests to specific consultants and direct fake e-mails to spam. In addition, adding private notes in tickets significantly improves our work.
Tomasz Tomczyk
Head of Customer Success at SALESmanago