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Payment and cash management service provider

TIS is a German company that has been reimagining enterprise payments since 2010.

The company has developed a Cloud-based platform and services for corporate payments and cash management. They can also help companies ensure financial compliance and security. TIS’s goal is to streamline business payments and liquidity management operations.

Businesses of various sizes (including over 250 enterprises) from over 140 countries utilize TIS’s services in many aspects of their finances. The Cloud-based platform aids companies with cross-border or domestic payments, bank connectivity, cash forecasting, fraud prevention, payment compliance, and more.


Unlimited availability and ensured security

TIS was challenged by its customers who needed a portable way to overview their cash flow.

The company operates in the fintech industry. Their comprehensive Cloud-based solution offers a wide range of financial services. These include bank account management, cash insights or forecasts, national or international payments, and bank connectivity as well as fraud prevention. The platform’s dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all financial operations while other options allow for a deep, granular insight into the business cash flow.

The core challenge, in this case, was that the platform offered all these helpful services only in a desktop version. The web solution was inaccessible via mobile devices. TIS’s corporate clients expected to have a mobile application, but couldn’t obtain one. This put the company at a serious disadvantage, especially since its competitors were offering mobile solutions or at least Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

TIS needed a modern app that could pack the capabilities of its web platform into a compact mobile design. What’s more, since the new solution would deal with financial operations, it should provide a level of security matching that of international banks. Since TIS was aware of our vast fintech experience and thorough understanding of corporate clients’ needs, the company decided to employ our services.

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Expanding the platform with a Flutter application

The power of a comprehensive Cloud-based platform encapsulated in a versatile yet secure Flutter app.

The solution that we created was not only a direct response to what TIS’s clients wanted. The application was crafted by collecting end-user feedback at each stage. This means that the final product we delivered was in line with client expectations.

The application was developed using Flutter. This cross-platform technology makes the solution versatile by nature. This means the users can successfully run it on any mobile operating system they have. What is more, since Flutter is a widget-based framework, it allows for introducing modifications to the app more easily. This gives TIS the opportunity to quickly provide new features in the future.

The TIS Mobile Payments App is a financial solution containing sensitive data and playing a critical role in the business process. For this reason, the security of this application is of the utmost importance. To address this, the Deviniti Team applied the highest security standards. These were carefully checked against Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). It is worth mentioning that we created certain security measures (e.g. Android secure storage) on our own, without using the aid of external libraries. The combined features of versatility and security enabled us to deliver a solution that TIS’s clientele wants and needs.

Main areas of supporting TIS and its customers through the TIS Mobile Payments App

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Providing features desired by customers via engaging users in the app creation and collecting their feedback on every software development lifecycle (SDLC) stage

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Giving customers access to the crucial options of the web solution via seamlessly integrating the mobile application with the desktop-based TIS platform

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Meeting the company’s needs via conducting a thorough business analysis prior to developing the application

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Creating a suitable mobile design that fits mobile devices as successfully as the main Cloud-based web platform fits desktop devices

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Providing the highest security measures consistent with OWASP standards

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Ensuring UX consistency by basing the application on our client’s brand design


Providing a powerful out-of-office solution

The project was cross-implemented. Experts involved in the project:

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1 Project Manager

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1 Business Analyst

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1 UX Designer

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4 Flutter Mobile Developers

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1 Manual Tester


Due to the unique nature of this project, we didn’t use the typical Scrum methodology. Firstly, we didn’t test the solution within one sprint due to the extent of our cooperation. Secondly, certain Scrum ceremonies didn’t apply to this project. Thirdly, there were several changes in the project itself as well as the project team. Lastly, TIS was working on specific parts of the backend whose deliveries weren’t in line with the frontend parts delivered by Deviniti.

For the above reasons, we decided to apply the Kanban methodology. This methodology allowed us to keep track of tasks and fluently transition between specific activities. Kanban allowed us to effectively carry out our work without being affected by the team size or various levels of the complexity of changes.


We decided to apply the Flutter framework to develop the TIS Mobile Payments App. We have a lot of trust in this technology due to our previous fintech projects. As a cross-platform solution, Flutter allows for writing codes that work on various operating systems such as Android or iOS. This means that a once-created app will be good for users with any kind of mobile device.

Since the TIS Mobile Payments App is a financial solution, it requires additional safety and top performance. Nevertheless, Flutter was created in such a way that it offers both qualities. Flutter’s creator, Google, ensures that it can meet even the most rigorous industry standards. For this reason, the framework attracts the attention of even highly regulated financial institutions.

Technological stack



The project was completed using the Kanban methodology. We started with kick-off workshops during which the client shared their functional requirements. Our Business Analyst was deeply involved with our client until we acquired the necessary business requirements. Since TIS had never had a mobile app before, we took the MVP route. The company’s initial goal was to receive an app with basic functionalities and develop them had the solution been accepted by the end-users.

The UX Designer prepared a clickable prototype using Adobe XD. That way, our client could experience the look and feel of its future application. We adopted the agile approach and started the development works along with creating the project documentation. There were some unexpected events such as API issues during the development stage. Nevertheless, we managed to resolve them successfully.


From the start, TIS was looking for a reliable fintech partner experienced in banking. After studying our portfolio, the company gained confidence in us. TIS and Deviniti established successful cooperation that allowed us to complete the most demanding milestones.

One of them was the initial workshop where we helped the client gain a new perspective on the project requirements. Another was designing the endpoint architecture so that integrating our frontend with the client’s backend needed just a few modifications. This was achieved via efficient communication between teams and proper arrangement of the API contract structure before implementation.

We worked together on the project from the early design phase up to the development and deployment stages. This was necessary to fulfill the unique requirements for enhanced app security and compliance standards. We worked on the customer’s backend. We also supported TIS with the endpoint architecture to ensure proper integration between the Cloud-based platform and the new app.


As a fintech solution, the app has several security measures. It offers tiered payment acceptance – payments accepted beforehand can still be rejected by users with higher-level authorizations. We also ensured connection security – the backend address isn’t encoded in the app but must be obtained via scanning a QR code. The app forces users to create unique PINs; it doesn’t allow repetitive or obvious number combinations. What’s more, the solution provides more logging options – via Touch ID or Face ID. Lastly, the app pushes users to change their PIN every 6 months as per SWIFT security guidelines.

One of the security highlights related to this project was having an external company carry out the app’s pentests. A third-party company hired by TIS conducted a consensual, simulated cyberattack on our application. Our security measures implemented into the solution managed to withstand the hacking attempts. The pentest company found only a few minor errors. They praised us for the work we did to secure the TIS Mobile Payments App.


Guaranteed accessibility and security on the go

TIS’s customers consider the application as an important component of their existing service portfolio. The mobile solution enables its users to access the Cloud-based platform more easily via a new range of devices. This can be done from entirely remote or “out-of-office” locations. The application provides the following options:

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    Instant control over payments

    The user gets all the information they need in a succinct form

    • The user can approve or reject all the payments solely using the app – all the payment details are provided in the solution.
    • Featured drill-down capabilities allow the user to review specific payment instructions.
    • The app provides real-time information about new payments needing approval, rejected payments, and payments containing errors.

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    Ensured accessibility and updates

    All the necessary features and data at the user’s disposal

    • The app delivers direct push notifications about any pending or rejected payments. This includes background notifications (common in apps) as well as foreground notifications (unique in apps)
    • The user can manage processes with ergonomic gestures (they can perform many actions on one component).
    • The mobile application is linked to a Cloud-based platform account via QR code scanning (additional security).
    • The user can enjoy seamless operation as the solution communicates with TIS’s backend using high-performing APIs.

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    High-level security measures

    The app offers bank-level security within a reasonable budget

    • The user can activate the application with a secure and simple process.
    • The Cloud-based platform allows the user to control all the devices connected to it.
    • The app provides access options such as biometrics or PIN.
    • The payment workflows comply with SWIFT standards – the PIN configuration meets SWIFT requirements (including PIN reuse).


Giving the customers the long-awaited solution

Treasury practitioners and other employees responsible for company cash flow are supposed to review, approve, and generally manage their company’s payment workflows on an around-the-clock basis. This can become difficult outside working hours or in places with limited access to desktop devices. Thanks to the TIS Mobile Payments App, users detached from their regular working environment (e.g., due to traveling) can still easily and securely approve important payments.

The feedback received from TIS’s customers even during the initial beta testing phases and early after the product’s launch was very positive. The app seamlessly integrates with the web platform. The mobile solution helps customers manage and approve their payments faster and more conveniently without sacrificing security or usability.

In addition to designing an intuitive and visually appealing interface, Deviniti had to adjust to very high expectations and requirements regarding application security. Consequently, ensuring that the app was developed pursuant to the strictest security protocols and standards became our top priority.

Based on the feedback from its customers, TIS would like to further extend the application’s capabilities in the future. The TIS Mobile Payments App is planned to mirror the full set of capabilities available through our broader Cloud-based platform. At present, we are providing TIS with application support, but we expect to be involved in the application expansion as well.


What does our client say?

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The team at Deviniti provided expert technical support and guidance throughout the entirety of our application development project, and we were very pleased with the final results.
Christian Kränzle
Head of Product Management