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See how smoothed communication between agents scattered around Central Europe.

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About the client

Polish travel portal is a travel-dedicated web that supports a dynamically developing network of brick-and-mortar offices throughout the country.

The brand was founded in 1999 as an independent website. By 2009, 20 more pages was been created under its banner, and as a result, it managed to become a market leader. Now is the largest online travel agency operating in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It has over 300 branches.

The website has operated for over twenty years in the tourism industry. The company is an expert in advising tourists on their decisions about holiday products and services. A useful page gives you access to booking multiple offers through a variety of channels. Travel agents are available seven days a week. As a result, has a strong advantage over the competition. The portal has been awarded the Gold Medal several times in the Laur Konsumenta [Consumer Laurel] plebiscite in the tourism industry.


Improvement of manual activities is an extensive network of travel agents scattered in various places in Poland and Central Europe.

Their experience in planning trips throughout the year attracts a large number of customers. To maintain a healthy relationship with internal and external customers, the support and complaint departments handle a multitude of inquiries every day. In the early days of their business, emails and telephones were the primary tools. While it was possible to ensure the personal nature of the customer relationship in this way, there were problems that couldn’t be eliminated easily.

The use of individual emails and multiple inboxes made it difficult to take responsibility for queries. The service was also losing its momentum. The lack of a knowledge base meant constant dealing with emails with repetitive questions that blocked inboxes. This situation was very dangerous. The company had to deal with it immediately because it was losing money, resources and customers. Fortunately, the search for a suitable solution didn’t take long.

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The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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Simplifying work with emails to meet customer expectations best

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Knowledge base creation to speed up the handling of repetitive queries

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Internal process digitization to optimize the allocated time to individual tasks

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Individual user treatment to maintain healthy relationships with internal customers


Individual tool selection

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    Complex customer service tool

    • customer service support on multiple platforms
    • automation of optimized work solutions
    • the ability to quickly build an operational call center
    • customer data collection system

How did we do it?

The Freshdesk help desk changed everything

The portal was looking for a tool that would allow it to increase the pace and monitor tasks stages in the offices.

After carefully considering three other solutions on the market and testing each of them, Freshdesk was the winner. 

The support and complaints transfer to Freshdesk has been smooth with many positive surprises on the road. Now consultants can perform more than half of the tasks much faster and monitor their time.


Significant improvement of customer service quality

< 2 hours

for software setup

10-15 minutes

of first response time reduction


of service quality improvement

System implementation and configuration to the specific needs of the portal took less than two hours. Freshdesk’s simple, well-translated user interface made the team feel comfortable. Each conversation became transparent. Lack of multiple inboxes to handle and dealing with the label fuss once and for all was a great relief. It also meant that consultants had a lot of time to solve problems and provide excellent customer service. Features such as creating labels and private notes allowed for systematizing the workflow and helped conduct substantive conversations within the company.

When it was time to sell the packages on behalf of the company’s dealerships, Freshdesk made it possible to effortlessly complete all activities in one place.


What does our client say?

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We needed a multifunctional tool that could handle every step of the entire process, and Freshdesk perfectly met all of our requirements.
Jacek Sosnowski
Head of Helpdesk Department at chain