The art of creating jewelry mastered to perfection

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over 50%
shortening of customer claim processing time by customer service
above 2 hours
reduction of problem-solving time
increase of customer service team effectiveness

About client

 One of the leading brands in the Polish jewelry market 

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With over 40 years of experience, YES is a prominent jewelry brand that has established its position as a Polish market leader. Having more than 250 employees on board, YES has expanded its presence to over 150 cities across Poland and to four boutiques located in prestigious areas of the Czech market.

As a family-run business, YES values friendly interpersonal relationships and open communication with customers. Creating well-coordinated teams filled with talented individuals has been key to its success. The jewelry created by YES reflects the brand’s commitment to the above aspects.

From the selection of high-quality materials to the precise cut and shade of the stones, each detail is carefully considered. By blending the worlds of art and emotions with expert knowledge and craftsmanship, YES delivers stunning pieces that captivate the senses.


Knowledge base expansion

The YES brand is recognizable across Poland and abroad. With tens of thousands of customers visiting its online as well as brick-and-mortar stores daily, maintaining a consistently high level of service is paramount for this jewelry industry giant. However, the company faced a challenge with its previous system. It had a relatively high failure rate and was not meeting the company’s standards for delivering the best possible customer experience.

To address these issues, the company began searching for a more efficient alternative tool. They prioritized several key aspects, including a clear and intuitive interface, integration with Instagram (a vital communication channel for the company), and chat improvement.

In addition to these features, the YES team also sought support in developing its customer knowledge base, recognizing it as one of the KPIs in 2023. With these goals in mind, the company was able to identify a new system that met the above and helped to enhance its customer service capabilities.

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The main areas taken into account during the implementation of the tool

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the chat improvement 

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knowledge base development 

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higher tool intuitiveness 

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lower system failure rate


An intuitive customer service tool

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    A comprehensive tool to support customer service

    • multiple communication channels’ aggregation
    • chat support
    • work automation
    • customer behavior monitoring

How did we do it

Customer service – faster and more efficient

After analyzing the needs and verifying them, the Deviniti team started the implementation that was carried out. Our specialists showed the YES team the possibilities and potential of Freshdesk in omnichannel customer service.

All the Customer Service department activities have been moved to Freshdesk. The tool replaced the chat and e-mail tickets for two brands: YES Jewelry and Verona. Moreover, integration with Instagram allowed for an even quicker response to DMs on this platform. Due to the nature of the market, this medium is an important channel of client communication.

In addition, dashboards were configured for reporting and analysis. Now, employees can rely on tags tailored to the team’s needs, making it easier to find specific information.

Deviniti’s support

Implementation and training

The Deviniti team conducted three training sessions during which they presented the entire range of functions offered by Freshdesk.

Based on the team’s needs, they adapted the tool to fulfill its role best. In addition, specialists were available after the implementation in case of any questions concerning the use.

Deviniti - Trust


Quick and efficient work with tickets

over 50%

shortening of customer claim processing time by customer service

above 2 hours

reduction of problem-solving time


increase of customer service team effectiveness

Employees claim that Freshdesk is a more convenient solution, helping to focus on the assigned task. At the same time, it gives an overview of the achieved result. They can respond to customer inquiries faster, while resolving problems quicker. The chat improvement and integration with Instagram affected not only the efficiency of the YES team’s work but also the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the training, they are also able to fully use the available reporting solutions.


What does our client say?

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(…) starting cooperation with Deviniti helped us with working on the request-handling time which was significantly shortened. It supported us also in an even division of work in the Team, and improved our chat’s work. Certainly, what we value the most in cooperation with your company is the support of our account manager (…)
Marta Machowska
eCommerce Customer Service Team Manager