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AI Feedback Analyzer
AI Feedback Analyzer
Release notes
Last updated Jan 8, 2024


AI Feedback Analyzer is a groundbreaking tool that uses advanced AI technology to effectively manage and analyze user feedback. By automatically categorizing feedback, AIFA allows for quick and efficient data analysis, saving time and allowing you to focus on key aspects of your project.

  • This application uses the ChatGPT version 3.5, which, according to our research, for the purposes of analyzing feedback, performs just as well as version 4.0
  • You don’t need the OpenAI key to run this app. After installation you are good to run it

Key features

Process automation

  • Automated categorization of feedback, speeding up the analysis process.

Intuitive interface and simple workflow

  • Simplified feedback management, enabling easy sorting, filtering and statusing.

Improved communications and project management

  • Introducing statuses for feedback and automating processes to improve team communication.

Get the app

  • If you are interested in getting our app, find AI Feedback Analyzer on the Atlassian Marketplace.