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Assignment Rules for Jira
Assignment Rules for Jira
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Last updated Jun 14, 2021
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Assignment Rules for Jira lets you set the rules for wide variety of user pickers in an automated, organized way.

Make your existing workflow even more seamless with just a few clicks. Improve the pace across the whole company by setting the rules which automate the assigning process. It’s an easy, yet very capable tool, suitable for all kinds of teams and workflows. The configuration process is straightforward and takes almost no time to perform.

Key features

  • Set the rules for different fields in issues so that they’re updated automatically
  • Automatically assign different users in support tickets along when the status changes
  • Evenly distribute all requests among the approvers
  • Check all the rules set for the projects that the users have access to
  • Define holidays where users can’t be assigned to the new issues

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If you are interested in purchasing our app, find Assignment Rules for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace or contact our Sales Department at

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