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Assignment Rules for Jira
Assignment Rules for Jira
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Last updated Mar 2, 2022


Learn how to set and manage rules for your users

  • Before you start, log in as a user with Jira Administrators global permissions. For more information, see Atlassian documentation.
  • Since the app is able to update fields and is accessed by all the users, it requires granting certain permissions:
    • View Jira issue data
    • Create and manage issues
    • View user profile

Rules allow for automating various user pickers while keeping an uninterrupted workflow. You can set the order in which users appear in the user picker and create additional conditions and restrictions. All the rules are created and accessible on a single screen.

Creating a rule


  1. On the main screen, open the panel by clicking New rule.
    Creating Jira automation rules
    Extend Jira software automation rules
  2. Insert the details of your rule.
    Jira auto assign on create issue
    Jira auto assign on create issue
  • Type in the name of the rule.
  • Select your preferred user picker.
  • Choose if the rule should replace already existing users in the user picker.
  • Select the project that the rule will apply to.
  • Select the statuses that will trigger the queue.

    The rule is triggered either when a status changes to the triggering status or the issue is created with the triggering status as the first one in the workflow.

  • Type in the JQL condition. (Optional)
  • Set the order of the queue by selecting the users.
  1. Click Save.


A new rule is added.

Improving Jira workflow management
Issue Assignment Rules - New rule triggered when issue created

Managing rules

When the rule is created, you can manage it using the actions menu on the right side of each rule.

Issue Assignment Rules - Actions menu
Issue Assignment Rules - Add an action


You can specify precisely when the rule is supposed to be enabled, including setting single or yearly global holidays. In order to do so, select the calendar icon from the actions menu.

Issue Assignment Rules - Calendar action
Issue Assignment Rules - Calendar action


Issue Assignment Rules for Jira automatically assign issue to user
Issue Assignment Rules - Scheduling panel
  1. Turn on the toggle to enable the schedule.

    If you disable the schedule toggle, the rule will be active at all times.

  2. Set the timezone to match your region.
  3. Check the box next to the day you want to enable the rule on.
  4. Set the timeframe in which the rule is active. You can add multiple timeframes on a single day. To do so, click on the plus icon next to the checked day.
  5. [Optional] Add a global holiday on which the rule is disabled through the entire day.
    • Set the name of the holiday
    • Set the date
    • Choose repetition
  6. Click Save.


Schedule is added and status indicates if the rule is currently working.

Issue Assignment Rules - Configure powerful automation rules
Issue Assignment Rules - Scheduling panel


You can edit the details of the rule anytime, regardless if the rule is working at the moment. Select the gear icon from the actions menu to open the editing panel.

Issue Assignment Rules - Editing action for high priority
Issue Assignment Rules - Editing action

Once you finished editing, click Save.


In order to delete a rule, select the bin icon from the actions menu.

Issue Assignment Rules - Deleting action
Issue Assignment Rules - Deleting action


Deleting a rule is irreversible. We strongly recommend disabling the rule instead.


In order to temporarily disable the rule by turning off the toggle on the app’s main page. This toggle is turned on by default. The rule is suspended, and you can resume it anytime, picking up from the same spot.

Toggle off
Toggle off


Each user included in the rule can define a holiday, where they are skipped in the queue and can’t be added to the new rules. The configuration below works only for the Jira global admin. If you want to configure the holidays as a user, see user guide.


  1. Click on the Holidays tab.
    Holidays tab
    Holidays tab
  2. Click Add holiday.
    Holiday adding panel
    Holiday adding panel
  3. Specify which user is going on holidays.
  4. Set the timezone to match your region.
  5. Set the start and the end date of the holidays.
  6. [Optional] Turn off the toggle and choose which rule the user should be skipped in. By default, the holiday applies to all rules.
  7. Click Save.
    Holiday adding panel
    Holiday adding panel
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