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Azure AD Attributes

Jira Cloud
Last updated Jul 25, 2019

Matching users

Instructions to configure matching users between Jira and Azure Active Directory (AD)

Matching occurs automatically each time data from Azure AD is to be displayed in Jira. Azure AD Attributes for Jira lets you select Jira and Azure AD attributes as bases for creating a match.

To display Azure AD data for a Jira user, the value of their selected Jira attribute needs to be the same as the value of their selected Azure AD attribute. A match is created, and data from their Azure AD account is displayed in Jira.

You can select the following Jira attributes:

  • Display name
  • Email address

You can select the following Azure AD attributes:

  1. Alternate email

    To match a user’s Jira email with their Azure AD alternate email:
    1. In Azure, navigate to Azure Active Directory > Users.
    3. Select a User by clicking on their email address.
    4. In the Authentication contact info section, click Authentication methods.
    5. Type the user’s Jira email as Alternate email.
    6. Click Save.

    Matching users between Azure AD Attributes and Azure AD
    Matching users between Azure AD Attributes and Azure AD
  2. Email address
  3. Name
  4. User name (UPN)
    For more information on UPN in Azure AD, see Azure documentation.
  5. Full name, consisting of concatenated: a. First name b. Last name

During matching of a Jira attribute with Azure AD Full name, the Jira attribute is split into two stings at the first space. Then, the fist string is compared with Azure AD First name, and the second string is compared with Azure AD Last name. To create a match, both strings need to be the same as their respective Azure AD attributes.

Azure AD Identity Attributes
Azure AD Identity Attributes


To configure matching of users:

  1. In Jira, navigate to Jira settings > Apps.
  2. In the Azure AD Attributes section, click Configuration.
  3. Go to the Matching tab.
  4. Select Jira attribute.
  5. Select Azure AD attribute you want to be compared with the selected Jira attribute during matching.
  6. Click Save
Configuring Matching
Configuring Matching


During matching, the selected Jira attribute of a user will be compared with the selected Azure AD attribute. If they are the same, a match will be created and the user’s Azure AD data will be displayed in Jira.


You can check if a specific Azure AD attribute values is assigned to any users in Azure AD. Under Matching test, type a value of the Azure AD attribute configured in Matching Configuration.

Matching Test
Matching Test

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