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Azure AD Attributes for Jira
Azure AD Attributes for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Mar 7, 2022


Explore additional options for connecting Jira and Azure AD

Azure AD Attributes Sync for Jira allows you to synchronize user details from Azure AD with Jira custom fields. This way, you can display Azure AD information on the Issue View and build further processes based on that data.

What is more, the synchronization allows you to copy the user’s line manager from Azure AD into a custom field, for example as the request approver, or display the Manager attribute in our Azure AD Panel on the Glance View.

In order to make use of those features, you’ll need to map Azure AD attributes to a custom field of one of the following types:

  • Text Field (multi-line) - that generates a simple table with all mapped attributes
  • Text Field (single-line) - best for single attributes that need to be highlighted in an issue
  • Text Field (read only) - for attributes that you do not want to be editable
  • User Picker (single user) - that lets you display the user’s line manager

You’ll find detailed mapping instructions in the next chapter, Mapping Azure AD data to a custom field.