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Issue Beacon for Jira
Issue Beacon for Jira
Release notes
Last updated May 13, 2021


Issue Beacon lets you quickly search for contextually similar issues in Issue View

Issue Beacon lets you swiftly search for issues similar in context without leaving Issue View or switching to Issue Navigator.
With **Issue Beacon**, you can filter issues and display search results in a glance panel in **Issue View**, quickly finding the issues you need, right where you need them. The search process is both fast and straightforward.

For a basic search, you can use buttons representing fields or properties of the current issue. With each button push, you can effortlessly narrow down search results with minimal keystrokes and no JQL knowledge.
Search Results in a Glance Panel
Search Results in a Glance Panel

**Issue Beacon** supports a wide range of fields that can be used as filters, which provides you with numerous basic search variants.
For an advanced, specific search, you can use **Context Issues JQL**, tailored to be far-reaching but intuitive.
Advanced Search Results with Context Issues
Advanced Search Results with Context Issues

**Issue Beacon** is ready to use right after installation - **no configuration required**!
Issue Beacon can assist all team members to speed up daily tasks.

Issue Beacon for Project Owners

When browsing a Story, project owners can easily find others linked to the same Epic.

While evaluating an app feature idea submitted through Jira Service Management, product owners can easily see what other ideas or problems were reported for the app.

Issue Beacon for Developers

While working on a task, developers can easily find other tasks assigned to them in the same sprint, or for the same application.

Context Issues for Testers

During tests of an upcoming version, testers can easily find other bugs in this version.

Context Issues for Service Agents

  • while working on a support request, agents can check whether the client reporting a problem has previously reported other errors for the same application.
  • while working on a support requests, agents can quickly find reports that may be related to the same bug that has already been analyzed, reported in the backlog, or fixed.

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