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Issue Beacon for Jira
Issue Beacon for Jira
Release notes
Last updated May 13, 2021

Basic Search

You can swiftly find similar issues with Context Issues search buttons.

Issue Beacon lets you swiftly display issues similar in context to the one you’re currently viewing. You can find similar issues in just 2 clicks!

Search results are displayed in a glance panel in Issue View, so you can find what you need right where you need it. No need to leave Issue View or switch to Issue Navigator.
To further speed up accessing needed information, your basic search history is remembered. The next time you open Context Issues in the same issue, previously used search buttons are already applied.

Moreover, when you visit an issue for the first time, initial search buttons in Issue Beacon are applied based on your previous search history for the given issue type.


To quickly view similar issues right in Issue View:

  1. In the issue you are currently working on, scroll down to Context Issues on the right panel.
    Issue View
    Issue View
  2. Click With the same fields to view issues with the same field values.
    Context Issues in Issue View
    Context Issues in Issue View
  3. Click search buttons to narrow down the search.
    Searching with Context Issues Buttons
    Searching with Context Issues Buttons
  4. [Optional] Click Search and scroll down or begin typing to find fields available as search buttons.
    Searching for Buttons
    Searching for Buttons

    When you select a new search button, it replaces the last inactive button on the list. The newly selected button is immediately applied to the search.

  5. [Optional] Click Sort by to sort search results by standard Jira options.
    Sorting Search Results
    Sorting Search Results


Contextually similar issues, filtered using search buttons, are displayed in a glance panel in Issue View.

Search Results in a Glance Panel
Search Results in a Glance Panel


To view filtered issues in Issue Navigator in a new tab, click X issues found.

Opening Search Results in Issue Navigator
Opening Search Results in Issue Navigator

Supported Fields

Issue Beacon supports the following fields as search buttons:

  • Assignee
  • Components
  • Epic Link
  • Fix Versions
  • Issue Type
  • Labels
  • Multi Group Picker
  • Parent
  • Priority
  • Project
  • Reporter
  • Request Type
  • Resolution
  • Single Select
  • Sprint
  • Status
  • Status Category
  • Story Points Estimate
  • User Picker

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