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Extension for Jira Service Desk

Jira Cloud
Last updated Oct 26, 2018


Extension for Jira Service Desk app is available on Cloud hosting. It provides additional features for the Customer Portal.

Default Request Type configuration in Jira Service Desk does not provide any additional options that dynamically hide or display fields on the Customer Portal. You are able only to create request types, define their fields and build request type’s groups. Extension for Jira Service Desk provides additional Dynamic Forms feature.

Dynamic Forms allows to configure conditions and validators for fields defined in the specific Request type. You can decide which field is required, so that request can’t be created if field is left empty or incomplete. By configuring conditions, you can determine when the field appears.

With Extension for Jira Service Desk you can also customize the issue detail view to show selected fields.

Show SLAs feature allows to define Request Type(s) and Jira Group(s), where particular SLA metric will be visible. With Show Fields you can select which fields will be visible in Request Type on the Customer Portal. You can also use Show Attachments to show attachments panel in the request.

Issue links enables to present issues linked to the current issues on the Customer Portal.