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Last updated Sep 20, 2021


Leading a project is a challenge in itself, especially when the list of responsibilities seems to be endless. Some of them are effortless, but there are also complex issues that require a lot of repetitive work. Have you ever wondered how much time does it take to complete such tasks?

While working in Jira you may have come across a time-consuming, redundant, manual work. Scrolling through the same fields and typing in the same data over and over again, throwing in tickets in a hurry with dozens of mistakes are only a few examples.

The Issue Templates for Jira app provides a solution, which helps to optimize and improve the quality of your work.

Key features

With Issue Templates for Jira you will be able to:

  • Create templates for repetitive Jira issues
  • Decide what fields to copy and when
  • Add variables to auto-populate issues with changing field values
  • Generate whole epics with sub-tasks to optimize repetitive work
  • Create linked issue structures from a single template
  • Manage templates in a single repository for the instance
  • Apply template when issue is created or transitioned by using a post-function
  • Copy Initiatives, Legends and more in Advanced Roadmaps, copy the whole hierarchy from a single template - infinite levels are supported
  • Copy web links

These guides will help you to understand the purpose of all features and thoroughly lead you through the entire configuration.

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