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Last updated Mar 20, 2018

Copy sub-tasks

This page provides information about copying sub-tasks configuration.

When creating a new issue from the template, you can also create its sub-tasks. As a result of this feature, sub-tasks are created under newly created issue without any manual work. Note that only sub-tasks with defined scope will be copied.

When a sub-task is created all required fields will be copied from the sub-task’s template regardless the scope settings. Optional fields will be copied only if added to the scope. The sub-task will be created with reporter set to current user (the user which applies the template). If the reporter field is added to the scope, it will be applied to the sub-task after it is created. It means that user which applies a template need permission to create a sub-task.


To configure copy sub-tasks feature:

  1. Go to the Template (issue) Screen.
  2. Use the toggle to select the option.
  3. Click Save to confirm your settings.
    Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Copying subtasks
    Copying subtasks

    Make sure you have at least one sub-task under template issue. Note that on a sub-task edit screen you need to select a scope for the sub-task. Only sub-tasks with defined scope will be copied.
    Also note that creating sub-tasks may take some time. You may need to refresh the page to see changes.


Sub-tasks will/will not be copied.

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