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Last updated Mar 20, 2018

Create template

This page provides information how to create a template.


Creating a new template is just creating a new issue in Templates Repository project.

First of all, make sure you are on your Templates repository project.


To create a new template:

  1. Go to your Templates repository project.

  2. Click + on the global sidebar.

  3. Screen Create issue appears.


    Make sure, you are creating issue in your Templates repository project.

  4. After fillings the fields, click Create.

    Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Create issue screen
    Create issue screen

    Issue is created.

  5. Navigate to newly created template. In General section complete:

    a. Template name. When you create a new template, we configure its name by copying the issue summary. You can change the name, however if left empty, it will fallback to the issue summary. When you browse templates in a select drop-down you will see template names.

    b. Make template selectable enables the template to be selectable directly in the projects defined in ‘Availability’ tab.

    If you switch Make template selectable toggle to off, template would be applied only as an issue linked to an epic template (for project selected in Availability tab).
    c. In the field Scope there is a scope set for default in the Scopes page. Now you can change the scopes for this template.

    d. Switch Copy Sub-tasks to on if you want to copy Sub-tasks in the template or keep it off if not.


    If you need more information check the Copy sub-tasks.

Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Template's settings
Template's settings
  1. In Availability section, select the project where the template will be available.
    If you leave the tab empty, template won’t be available in any project. Select Apply to all to make your template available in every project.
Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Created template
Created template

All changes are saved in real time.


Template is created.

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