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Last updated Oct 29, 2023



Is it possible to configure default template for a particular request type?

Can I turn off a template?


Has the order of creating issues from a template changed?

Which issue type will be used to create an issue from my template?

Why I can’t see template’s sub-tasks in issue created from template?

How can I see which scopes are used in particular template?

Why a form doesn’t fill automatically after selecting a template?

Do Dynamic Variables work with sub-tasks?

Error {“errorMessages”:“The value ‘TEMP’ does not exist for the field ‘project’.”,“No issues have a parent epic with key or name ‘TEMP-12’”,“warningMessages”:[]}

Where can I find Issue type Id?

My template doesn’t work on the customer portal, why?

Which fields should be included in scope?

Which fields can be copied?

How can I get access to Template’s repository?


How does Cloud app pricing work?

How do I determine my cloud pricing?

Do you offer academic, community, or open-source licenses?

Can I extend my free trial?