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Last updated Aug 6, 2018

Get started

Are you executing a project that includes many repetitive tasks?

Issue Templates helps to optimize the time it takes to create new issues and systematizes issue content.

Issue Templates automatically populates issue fields with predefined values to help your team create many new issues in no time. Issue Templates is critical to your team’s productivity.

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Basic concepts

To get started you need to choose a project, where templates will be kept. We will call this project a templates repository, repository in short. When a regular issue is created in the repository, it will automatically become a template. Basically, a template consists of two parts: regular issue and a template configuration. A minimal template configuration consists of a name and a scope. When an issue is created in templates repository both are set with some defaults, for example: name is taken from issue summary, scope is set to DEFAULT_SCOPE.

DEFAULT_SCOPE contains only summary and description fields, which means that only those two will be copied when a template is used. If you want to copy other fields, you should add them to the DEFAULT_SCOPE or create a new scope. If you don’t want to copy a summary or description, for example when applying template to existing issue, you should remove it from a scope.

Template configuration is available in a panel displayed in every issue from the templates repository. We recommend that in the repository you should keep only issues that are meant to be templates. If you have chosen a project (repository) that already had had an issue, it won’t automatically become a template. You need to set a name and scope for it. Also note that you won’t be able to create issues from templates in the repository.

Template’s repository is designed to store all templates. Creating issues from templates in this project has been blocked.

If you delete an issue in repository, a related template configuration will be also deleted.

Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: App architecture
App architecture

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