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Last updated Sep 20, 2021


This chapter provides a list of words used in documentation with explanations.

Name Description
ITC Abbreviation for Issue Templates Cloud
Template’s fields (Scope) These two terms are used interchangeably. Template’s fields (Scope) refers to fields from the template that will be copied.
Templates Repository Project where your templates are stored.
Target project Project where issues from templates will be created. In the most basic scenario it’s the project selected in Create dialogs.
Primary template Template that was explicitly selected in order to create issue or apply template from it. The primary template can be linked with secondary templates.
Secondary templates (linked templates, subtasks, etc.) All templates that are used to create hierarchy but are not selected directly from Template Select. For example: linked templates, sub task templates, and basically all templates related to the primary template.
Template Select Select rendered by the app.
Template custom field Select custom field provided by the app and rendered by Jira.
Create from template (CFT) dialog / view Dialog/view provided by the app, allows to select target project, issue type and the template, right before opening Create issue dialog.
Create issue dialog Dialog provided by Jira to create issues.
Create dialogs
When mentioned, it means it applies to both Create issue dialog and Create from template dialog.