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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

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Sprint field

You can add Sprint field to the scope. The Sprint ID will be copied, so that the template and new issue will share the sprint.
With default Board settings this configuration works well as issues are displayed only from one project. If you modify the JQL filter by deleting project clause, you will see all issues within one Sprint (including templates).


If you copy an active sprint, it will also be displayed as active sprint in the target project. However, right now it’s not possible to copy sprint and make it active (if it is not already active in the repository). You also can’t add issues to currently active sprint.

This solution has its pros and cons. If you close sprint in one project, then it will be closed in second project as well. It may be problematic in case of using it in more than one project.

What’s more, if you copy an active sprint to a project where you already have an active one, it will be duplicated. As a result, you will have two opened, active sprints. Due to Jira’s technical limitations you won’t be able to close any of them (button Complete Sprint is greyed out).

Managing Epic structure also may be problematic. Whenever you want to create a new sprint, you need to change the Sprint field in your templates.

Consider all the pros and cons before adding the Sprint field to your scope.