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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Creating issues from template with links

This page provides information about creating issues from linked templates.

Issue Templates for Jira allows you to create issues with complex structures by using linking between templates.

In previous configuration, when we have created a new issue from template including links to other templates, those links were copied and directing still to templates instead of creating linked target issues.

From now on, after performing the same action, linked templates will turn into issues in your target project. It means that once you create issue from linked template, links within this template will be automatically replaced by links to newly created issues.

You can freely link your templates with any objects in your Jira. The only exception is the link to the template, which is a subtask and does not have a parent in the structure. In this case subtasks won’t be created from template.

Even though all fields included in the Scope are completed with template’s values, links to other templates are not visible on the Create Issue screen. Still, they will be used for creating the structure of related issues later on after issue creation. These links, as well as new links added on the Create Issue screen, generate a structure based on parent template configuration. It means that all template’s links can be used to build one structure of linked issues.

This solution was based on Jira technical limitations. As it is not possible to use different types of links within Create Issue Dialog box, Issue Templates for Jira splits them into:

  • links with source in template: used to create structure of linked issues when parent issue is already created,
  • other links: which can be added on the Create Issue screen.

Issue Templates for Jira also supports cases, where user add links to templates on the Create Issue Screen. According to previous explanations, links to templates within issue will be replaced by links to newly created issues.

The concept of Creating issues from linked template feature is presented in example below: