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Last updated Mar 20, 2018

Manage templates

This page provides information how to manage your templates.


To go to the Manage templates screen:

  1. Go to the project where you store templates.

  2. From project sidebar, select Project settings > Issue Templates.

  3. Go to the Manage Templates tab. You will see a paginated list of all the currently configured templates.

    Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Manage templates
    Manage templates

  4. You can make here two actions:

    a. Edit - If you want to reconfigure a template, simply click Configure link. A configuration dialog should open up. You can edit: Template name, Scopes and decide if you want to copy Sub-tasks by switching a toogle. Click Configure to save changes.

    b. Delete - Click Delete to remove the Template. It will be deleted automatically.


    Deleting a template does not actually remove the bound issue itself. It only removes that particular option from the list of currently available templates. The name and scope of the template will be lost. You can add them in the issue navigator.

Disable a template

You don’t need to delete a template to make it unavailable. Here are two ways to disable it:

  1. You can decide in which projects a particular template is available (can be used). By default, a template is available in all projects. You can clear this setting making the template not available in any projects which will be equal to disabling the template.
  2. Switch off the Use as a template toggle in the template’s settings. This way you’ll make the template unavailable without deleting its issue.

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