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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Matching issue types

This chapter provides information on how issue types are matched.

Which issue type will be used to create issue from my template?

For primary template it will be the issue type you explicitly selected, e.g. issue type selected in Create dialog.

For secondary templates, we will choose the best matching issue type from the target project.

Issue types matching steps

There are three steps, used by the Issue Templates for Jira app, to match issue type from template with issue that will be created from it:

  • By ID - app picks an issue type in the target project with the same ID as set in template. If there’s no match, then it looks:
  • By name - useful for team-managed projects, where issue types are local and always have different ID as against other projects
  • By type - useful for subtasks; if there’s no match in previous steps, then the ITC app picks the first found subtask type from the target project