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Last updated Jan 9, 2024

Recreate issue

This chapter provides information about the recreate issue feature.

The Recreate issue feature allows you to copy issues to the same or another project with its fields and structure without creating a template. The feature is enabled by default and you don’t need to configure it, however, you can disable it in Global Configuration - Visibility Settings.


If you recreate an issue A-1 from project A to project B, you can select which children of A-1 and linked issues from project A will be also recreated in project B. Remaining issues that may be linked from other projects will be recreated in these projects.


Fields like Reporter, Comments, and Statuses won’t be copied.


  1. Click the Three dots menu in the issue window.

  2. Click Recreate issue.

  3. Select a project you want to recreate the issue in. If you select your Template Repository project you can create a new template.

  4. Select which child issues you want to recreate. To recreate only an issue select no checkboxes.

  5. Select if you want to copy or recreate issue links.

  6. Click Recreate.

Due to possible conflicts the Apply template post-function configured on the Create issue transition won’t be executed for issues created by the Recreate issue feature.


The issue has been recreated with all selected elements.

Recreate child issues

Recreate child issues is a time-saving feature that gives you more control over the recreated structure. With this feature you can select which child issues you want to copy. You can copy tasks with sub-tasks, epics with stories, and initiatives with children.

There are three options to choose:

  • Recreate sub-tasks - recreates all sub-tasks present in the structure you want to recreate. It copies all sub-tasks in a structure, even those under recreated linked issues or stories.
  • Recreate issues in epic - recreates issues that are added to an epic, usually stories.
  • Recreate child issues (Advanced Roadmaps) - recreates child issues that are linked in higher levels in your custom issue type hierarchy in Advanced Roadmaps (or Plans), for example Initiatives under Legends.
In team-managed projects Advanced Roadmaps aren’t supported so the Recreate child issues (Advanced Roadmaps) isn’t available.

Recreate issue can also copy issue links.

You can select either of the three options:

  • Don’t copy any issue links - doesn’t copy any links.
  • Copy linked issues - copies links to already-existing issues that were used before.
  • Recreate linked issues - creates new issues based on the previous ones and links them to issues newly created in the process.


To select which user groups can use Recreate issue follow instructions in the Global configuration chapter.

Recreate and use as a template

Issues recreated from any of your projects into the Templates Repository automatically become a templates (using the default template settings). You can customize its settings right after this action. An issue recreated from an existing template into the Templates Repository copies template’s settings.

Both ways allow you to create a copy of your issues as templates in the Templates Repository.

For more information about the Repository, navigate to the Templates Repository chapter.