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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Recreate issue

This chapter provides information about recreate issue feature.

How it works?

The Recreate issue feature allows you to copy issues to the same or another project with its fields and structure. Feature works right after the app installation, and you don’t need to configure it.


If you recreate an issue A-1 from project A to project B, all children of A-1 and linked issues from project A will be also recreated in project B. Remaining issues that may be linked from other projects will be recreated in these projects.

However, fields like Reporter, Comments, and Statuses won’t be copied.


Watch the video below to better understand the usage of Recreate issue.

Due to possible conflicts the Apply template post-function configured on the Create issue transition won’t be executed for issues created by Recreate issue feature.

Issue recreated from any project into the Templates Repository

Issue recreated from any of your projects into the Templates Repository will become a template automatically (using the default template settings). You can customize its settings right after this action. What’s more, issue recreated from an existing template into the Templates Repository will use a copy of the template’s settings.

Both ways allow you to create a copy of your favorite issues as templates in the Templates Repository.

For more information about the Repository, navigate to the Templates Repository chapter.