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Last updated Sep 20, 2021


This chapter provides information about template’s repository.

To effectively use Issue Templates for Jira app, you need at least two projects:

  • First, dedicated for storing templates, called templates repository
  • Second (and others), to create issues from stored templates

Templates repository is a regular Jira project. What sets it apart from other projects, is that all issues created in repository automatically become templates. Hence, as soon as you select a project for templates repository, newly created issues will turn into templates.

This rule won’t be applied to already existing issues. If you choose a project (repository) with previously created issues, all of them will remain the same. You can set them as templates manually at any time.

It’s also impossible to create issues from templates in repository project. To avoid any confusion, this feature has been blocked.


Templates repository affects all templates directly. Therefore, it’s not recommended to change already configured repository for another project. This operation deletes the configuration of all templates and can’t be undone.

You can choose a company-managed or team-managed project for Templates repository. However, keep in mind that there are some differences between these two types of projects.

It’s a good practice to limit the number of users with Create issue permission in Templates Repository project. Thanks to that, only people responsible for creating templates (for example in the onboarding process), will have access to the repository.


To set up Templates repository:

  1. Navigate to Jira Settings > Apps.
  2. Click Configuration in Issue Templates for Jira section, on the left sidebar.
  3. Select project from the list or Create New.
    Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Templates Repository
    Templates Repository

Templates repository is set up.