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Issue Templates for Jira

Jira Cloud
Last updated Mar 20, 2018


This page provides information about a Repository - Jira Project to store templates.


If you create the repository project from the Configuration screen, it will probably use the Business project type. If you create a template via quick creation on the Agility board, it will have only a summary, so you’ll have to edit it later anyway. Also, you will not see the Template Detail section on the new quick issue preview due to a limitation of Jira Cloud, which at the moment does not support apps in Business type projects. That’s why we recommend to switch it to Software, turn off the board and use the Issue Navigator with the plus icon on the global side panel, which calls the full Create Issue screen.


To configure Templates repository project:

  1. Go to the Jira settings > Apps > Configuration in the Issue Templates for Jira section.

  2. Go to the Repository tab.


    Templates are regular Jira issue so they need to be created under some Jira project. It should be project only for templates. Remember not to place there other issues.

    Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Repository

  3. You have two options here. You can:
    a. Select existing project: To select the repository from existing projects, simply click on the list and choose your project. That’s it - saving is automatic.
    b. Create a new project: Click Create new and create your Templates repository project.

  4. Click the link to go directly to your Templates repository project.


    If project is changed in configuration, data related to templates configuration are cleared. All the issues (templates) stored under that project will be untouched. Only settings like name, scope and Copy Sub-task flag will be lost. You will probably have to set those again to make the templates visible again.

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