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Last updated Sep 26, 2023

Our roadmap

From the very beginning of our ITC team, we follow the agile approach. We manage to move forward by learning from ourselves, our customers and constantly changing technologies. As a Scrum Team we are also responsible for creating a valuable, useful increment every sprint.

These assumptions prompted us to create an ITC Roadmap, where we share with you:

  • all tasks that our team’s currently working on.
  • features we’re planning to develop in the near future.
  • new ideas that came into our minds.

If you wish to contribute to creating a roadmap and find out what features we’re planning contact us.

How can you contribute?

Navigate to our public ITC Roadmap. Columns are displayed at the top of the screen. Each one concerns different aspects.

  • Exploring & Voting - Possibilities for future development. You can vote and let us know what do you think in the comment section.
  • Next - Features that will transition to the development process soon.
  • In progress - Functionalities currently being developed.
  • Done - Already implemented features that you can use in the app. Your feedback is most welcome.
  • Video tutorials - All video tutorials that are recorded and shared on YouTube. In this column there are some interesting use cases and instructions on how to use more advanced features.