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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Security Statement

Data retention

There are no data from Jira site that are stored on app’s server. The only record that is stored on the app’s server is the installation details received during installation process, which is common for all Connect apps (apps for Jira Cloud).

User Data

There are no personal data that are stored by the ITC app. Personal data received by /rest/api/2/user may be processed. This includes:

  • display name of the user
  • locale
  • time zone and email address - only if the user allows it in his account settings

Above data may be processed in order to edit issue and fill in that data in issues fields, e.g. description.


Data is processed by the app hosted on Heroku in US region. Data is transferred using secure protocols, i.e SSL. We also use Papertrail (Cloud-based log management), which is also located in US.