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Last updated Oct 17, 2023

Security Statement

Data retention

There is no data from Jira stored on the app’s server. The only record stored on the app’s server are installation details received during installation process, which is common practice for all Connect apps (apps for Jira Cloud) and token data. Token data includes user account ID saved in the database when you create a REST API token.


For details go to the Privacy & Security tab on the Atlassian Marketplace.

User Data

Issue Templates Cloud stores REST API token configuration with user account ID.

Personal data received by /rest/api/2/user may be processed. This includes:

  • display name of a user
  • locale
  • time zone and email address - only if a user allows it in their account settings

Above data may be processed in order to edit an issue and fill in issues fields, for example, description.

Data residency

Our app stores information depending on the country where the Jira server is located. Data residency is selected at the moment of installation. For now, it’s not possible to transfer data after installation (despite changing Jira’s data residency).

We currently support two locations, US and EU with the following app URLs:


Follow the official Jira roadmap for more information about support for full data residency in Jira apps.


End user data is shared with the following third-party entities, depending on data residency:

Software Region
BetterStack (formerly Logtail) Germany
Heroku United States of America
Papertrail United States of America