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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Smart issues

Learn about using Smart issue expressions in Smart defaults.

Smart defaults can refer to an active issue and its fields. Here’s the list of available smart expressions:

  • issue.epic - returns the epic name.
  • issue.epic.key - returns the epic key.
  • issue.epic.status and displays the epic status.
  • - displays the issue type name.
  • issue.parent - returns subtask’s parent issue key.
  • issue.reporter.displayName - returns the name and surname of the reporter of current issue.
  • issue.[Custom field].id - displays the id of a custom field.
  • issue.[field].id - displays the id of field.


  • issue.fixVersions - used to access the values in an issue’s Fix Versions field.

Other ways to access the Fix Versions field:

  • fixVersions.max
  • fixVersions.min
  • fixVersions.average
  • fixVersions[0].name


  • labels - returns Labels property.


  • subtasks.key - returns subtasks key.
  • subtasks.priority - returns subtasks priority.